Pack it up, cram it in

I’m starting to get a little sad… in 24 hours I’ll be on my way to the airport to go back to Minnesota.  I guess that’s the downside of having such a long winter break: it makes it that much harder to go back when it’s over.  I’m excited to see my friends, though, and get back to Wednesday night Project Runway… and last semester senior year is exciting, right?  Um… I’m just going to move on to my eats, okay?

Yesterday I snuck out of the house for a piece of greasy, cheesy New York pizza.  You Chicago kids will forever be at war with us but come on, deep dish is just not where it’s at.


I found blackberries for $1.50 a carton!  They were good, too: sweet and juicy and just smushy enough.


I was still feeling snacky so I had a date and a prune, each stuffed with peanut butter and two chocolate chips.  This combination should be immortalized.


We went out to Japanese with one of Ari’s friends.  The place we went to, Shima, was having a special: edamame and either hot saki or draft beer for $3. THREE DOLLARS! Hot sake it is.  I also ordered the sashimi platter, but the picture does not seem to be on my camera. Bah.


It came with 5 types of fish, with 2- 3 pieces in each, and a bowl of rice . I ate all the fish and only a little rice, so I didn’t feel stuffed for once.

16 Handles, a make-your-own frozen yogurt bar, was just across the street, and since I can’t end any dinner (especially a dinner out) without a dessert, off we went .


All of the flavors are either fat free or have less than 1g per serving, so I loaded up on flavors: peanut butter, pistachio, NSA chocolate, and Original Tart (like the Pinkberry flavor).  I topped it with Reese’s  PB cup, strawberries, and chocolate syrup.  Mm-mm good.

We went out to the Mercury Lounge last night to see The Orion Experience, which is just about the cutest band ever and might be my new favorite.  I had a vodka soda there, then we took a LONG subway ride home and watched movies.

Last diner breakfast for awhile…


I got an egg white omelet with spinach, tomato, mushrooms and feta.


Mmm… toast.


I’m packing up all my stuff at Ari’s (sniff) and lugging it to my parents’ house (home #1? #2? ).  We’re making our famous dinner tonight… my poor parents are probably pretty sick of it by now! Catch ya later, sugarpies.


13 responses to “Pack it up, cram it in

  1. All of your eats look so good, especially the blackberries and the omelet. Your camera doesn’t like sushi? 🙂

  2. Aw girl, I’m sad you are leaving before we could hang again!! Have a great dinner!

  3. you might be sad to say goodbye to the big city but i am SO EXCITED you’ll be here with me soon!

  4. Oh, I am liking wordpress! I want to switch over and I have been thinking about it for some time now…was it difficult? I just think wordpress has so much more to offer 🙂
    Okay, I am so sad to hear this is your last diner breakfast for a while…but what a way to go out- toast and an omelote with FETA! Sweet.
    And your post totally made me crave sushi.
    much love, girl!

  5. Welcome to the dark side 😉 I love WP!

    Ugh – your toast! Every single time it strikes a craving! Haha I may have to have some now!

  6. Tooooo much good food!!

    Travel safely!!

  7. i know going back to school sucks but think about it this way—the sooner you go back the sooner you can go home again! haha, that’s my logic at least.

    i love hot sake!

  8. Aww, too bad you couldn’t have stayed longer! Have a safe trip though!

  9. Oh man, last semester is exciting for sure!
    I hear ya girl, I am all about that thin and crispy, none of that deep dish nonsense!
    Have a safe trip, my dear! Lovely meeting you for really 😉

  10. strongandhealthy

    Love your blog here! Awesome eats! Have a safe trip back to school!

  11. Have a safe trip back! Love the new local! I will update my google reader!

  12. Everything looks great! We have a make your own yogurt place here, but it’s super expensive.

  13. I like your blog here too. It’s very reader friendly! Or maybe its just the delicious food that makes it reader friendly =)

    I NEED a yogurt place like that here!

    Hope that your transition back to school goes smoothly!

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