Minnesota Sunday

Good afternoon and happy Sunday!  It still feels very strange for me to be back. Last night I made the smart choice and ended up going over to Sarah’s for a little while.  We were planning on watching Gossip Girl, but got very distracted by Richard Simmons’ dance videos.

I made a little toddy: brandy and skim milk.


Sarah’s roommate, Becky, came home from dinner with leftover cake from Coffee News.  This is one mother of a cake: It’s four layers and about a foot high.  Only 1/4 or so made it home, but Sarah and I shared it (although I hogged most of it).

Painful as it is, I wanted to get back into my routine as soon as possible.  I got up and had a banana…


…then went to the gym with Sarah.  While there, I did:

20:00 minutes stairmaster (NOT the kind I’m used to… I like the “real” stairs so much more than the kind you just pulse your feet up and down on)

20:00 minutes bike

arm machines (about 5)

mini ab series (only two exercises)

Total time: 1:02 minutes

Calories burned: 360

Maximum heart rate: 166

Average heart rate: 122

I don’t know why, but the whole time I was at the gym I just wanted to curl up and go to sleep. Where’s that coffee when I need it?

My parents sent me here with two Silver Moon sandwiches, so I ate the last one today for lunch.   This was a vegetable terrine with pesto on whole wheat baguette. I toasted it in the oven (it was two days old by now), and it was delicious.


Jalene brought me one of these Nestle’s milk chocolate caramel Treasures for dessert.  I’m not a huge fan of milk chocolate, but the refined sugar was deliciously good.


I’m heading to Trader Joe’s in a little with Jalene and Sarah.  Can you believe I haven’t been ONCE since college started? Crazy.  I’m hoping that once I get my groceries and unpack a little, I’ll feel more settled in.

Have a great Sunday!


6 responses to “Minnesota Sunday

  1. HURRY UP! Im a TJ fiend, I wish we had one. They have the best Dijon Mustard! haha 😉

  2. I hope you get settled in soon! Enjoy your TJs trip!

  3. Brandy and milk? I’ve never heard of this…hmmm must give it a whirl. Sounds like a great girls night. Have fun at the TJ’s…love that place ❤

  4. Have fun at TJs! Two words: dried dragonfruit. You won’t be disappointed!!!

  5. Have a blast at TJs, girl!! That sammy still looks delish to me 🙂

  6. Have fun at Trader Joes! And, ahh that tall, tall cake sounds so good. I adore layer cakes 🙂
    Happy Sunday, love.

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