Trader Joe, I love you so

Or should I say… mecca?


The girls and I had such a ball at TJ’s today.  I did get into that sort of frenzied, glazed-over state that happens when I’m overwhelmed with a lot of grocery or clothing options.  Oh, it was heaven.

They were giving out samples of vegan chili (yum!) and coffee shots with agave and cream (utilitarian yum!) which I promptly spilled all over me.  I’m a little messy, what can I say?


My haul was substantial but worth every penny.  I think that macaroni & cheese snuck into my cart without my knowledge, though.

Carb-a-licious goodness:


Cans, frozen goodies, nuts and raisins (I used to get the Jumbo mixed variety in Paris… I was feeling a little nostalgic):




Protein and dairy:


These mamas are SO GOOD.  I was (and still am) avoiding unpacking, so I bagged them and the almonds in individual portion-sized baggies. I ate the dregs at the bottom of the bag… if you like pretzels, buy these NOW.


Jalene and I had a nice, sit-down meal together for the first time in six weeks (and probably longer, because of all that finals hoopla).  We had salmon patties, sweet potato with B&B, and broccoli.


I’m going to unpack, eat something sweet and chocolatey, and catch up on my “stories.”  Goodnight lovelies!


13 responses to “Trader Joe, I love you so

  1. Oh yeah TJ’s! Im loving it, totally jealous though.
    I hate when things “fall” into my cart, CRAZYNESS! 😉

  2. Enjoy your “stories” haha. 🙂

    I love TJ’s! I bought those same Dr. Praeger’s burgers today (from Giant). I’ve been wanting to try them for a while now.

  3. I ADORE trader joe’s! Especially because they don’t feel the need to be so harsh on my wallet.

    Hahaha I, too, am always spilling things on myself and making a mess.. I can be a total klutz!

  4. Wish I’d gone to TJ’s, but looks like you cleaned them out. I settled for Whole Foods, where a dark chocolate angel food cake “fell” into my cart. Gotta be more careful next time.

  5. oops–temporarily transgendered

  6. I went to TJ today too! and I got those yummy greek yogurts ;]

    please add me lilveggiepatch~


  7. Niiiice TJ’s haul!

  8. Shucky darn! I saw those pretzels yesterday but didn’t buy them. Ah well, next time. Glad you got such a great load of goodies!

  9. FAAAAABULOUS TJ’s grocery haul!!

    Hope you had a great evening, Katie!!

  10. Oh my gosh – so many yummy eats!! Enjoy it 🙂

    I totes get the glazed over look too, sometimes I get a little overwhelmed but in a good way!

  11. I HAVE to plan a TJ road trip sometime soon. I’ve never been to one (closest store is over an hour away), but everyone always has the yummiest looking stuff when they get back.

  12. i haven’t been to trader joes in way too long—i love it there! you got tons of good stuff. i’ve had those salmon patties before, i love them! theyre the perfect size!

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