8 at night, 3 in the morning

Whew, morning came early!  I managed to clock in my 8 hours of sleep, but I have class from 9-12 so I’m going to need some serious coffee.

For breakfast, I had a leftover bowl of steel cut oats.


In addition to the banana that was already in there, I added peanut butter (it’s a little dry, good thing I got a new jar at TJ’s!), cashews, brown sugar and cinnamon


Do you have anything exciting planned for today?  I have my first step aerobics class, which I’ve been looking forward to all break!  Happy Tuesday 🙂


6 responses to “8 at night, 3 in the morning

  1. Hang in there with classes; and have fun at step class!!

    On the agenda for me today = loooooong day of classes and a test. Fun 😉

  2. yayy for caffine! It is saving my day as well today 🙂 Step is my favorite cardio workout. Hope class goes well!

  3. Good luck with your aerobics class! My plans – coaching but that’s later on!

  4. Hope Step class is fun! I have a training session tonight again…not sure if I’m dreading it or looking forward to it 😉

  5. Have fun at aerobics! I do not have anything exciting planned for today…just school work and yoga 🙂
    Have a fab day, love!

  6. breadandwithit

    You’ll love the way step aerobics build up your resistance and endurance.

    Love your new site. did you post the lasagna recipe yet?

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