Triumph in the tundra!

This day has been so. long. Sometimes Tuesdays feel harder than Mondays! After my first “class” (it’s a two-on-one independent study with my favorite professor) this morning, I came home and took a whopper of a nap. To fuel me for my epic sleep, I heated up a Chocolate Chip Z Bar à la Megan.


Sweet lordy, I don’t know how I’ve gone without doing this for so long! I zapped it for about 20 seconds and it was super gooey. It tasted JUST like a fresh, oven-baked cookie… it might be even better than my beloved Hot’n Healthy bar! No wonder I slept for so long.

When I woke up, I was feeling a little nostalgic for New York so I made an eggy scramble with one whole egg and some liquid egg whites (sorry to say, but Egg Beaters don’t taste anything like my diner’s), a Roma tomato, scallion and parsley.


I also had a TJ’s mini whole wheat bagel with low fat cream cheese. Yes, these are good, but I’m a total bagel snob and these are nothing like the real thing.


Coffee didn’t end up happening this morning, so I enjoyed a nice warm pot with my lunch.


I had a small bowl of grapes for dessert. I always forget how much I like grapes… I didn’t used to at all!


Between my last “real” class (19th Century American Poetry… blegh) and Step my tummy was rumbling, so I had my emergency bar: a sample size of a Cascadian Farms chocolate chip granola bar.


I wasn’t really a fan of this. It was very sweet, and tasted very coconut-y although I didn’t see “coconut” in the ingredient list. It was also covered in a kind of gelatinous paste. Yuck.

The big news is coming soon, but first, I LOVE STEP AEROBICS! Class today was so much fun. During the hour, we did some basic moves (I have yet to get the hang of it, but I have faith), stretches, and toning work. I wore my HRM but had it on a weird setting so I only got the time and my averages.

45:40 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 195 (98%)

Average heart rate: 148 (74%)

This would have been a great workout in and of itself, but since we were already all sweaty and had our blood pumping, Sarah and I decided to go to the gym for some more quick cardio. Since I’d felt just fine during step, and it’s a high-impact sport, I decided it was as good a time as any to try running again. My three months off are just about up (technically Thursday), so I hopped on the treadmill and did a slow and easy mile. And… no pain! (Excepting a little lung ache, but that’s normal.) I am so excited!!! I’m going to be very conservative with it, and only run a few times a week at first. I don’t know if I’m going to do more than a mile at a time for now; I’ll see how my leg feels. I was very, very nervous that not only would it hurt, but I wouldn’t LIKE it. I’ve never been a “real runner,” and deciding to run the marathon last year was kind of a whim. I’m just going to accept things as they come… I don’t need to win races, I just want my body to feel healthy.

19:00 minutes (including stretching, walking, cooldown, stretching again)

1.3 miles (including cooldown)

150-170? calories burned (I still haven’t figured out how to save that information)

Maximum heart rate: 191 (96%)

Average heart rate: 161 (81%)

I ate my first meal in the cafeteria today so I could sit with my friends. The picken’s were slim, but it was alright. On top we have blackbean, corn and quinoa “stew” (there was no liquid in there…) topped with coconut and chili sauce; salad with spinach, carrots, beets, artichokes, cabbage, banana peppers and sunflower seeds; I dressed it with an oil/vinegar/mustard vinaigrette.


With a cup of milk and a grapefruit (which I didn’t end up eating until an hour later):


And I was still hungry, so I had a veggie burger with ketchup and mustard.


I just took a study break and a Deep Chocolate Vitamuffin and a square of the FOR MEN chocolate, because one chocolatey treat is clearly not enough.


I’m going to try to be in bed by 12 so I can stay on my good schedule. Sleep well, bunnikens!

Edited to add: I FINALLY typed up the mushroom lasagne recipe; it’s under Savory Treats.


10 responses to “Triumph in the tundra!

  1. I’m glad you loved step and that you were able to run without pain! 🙂

  2. I tried heating up a brownie clif bar the other day, and it was so gooey and fabulous! I’ll have to try that with a z bar 😀

  3. Once you’ve had a decent bagel, its hard to go back to the wannabes.

    You should try frozen grapes…they are awesome! In fact, I need to freeze me up some.

    I like your attitude towards running. I enjoy it so much more when I realize that I don’t need to be a speed demon.

  4. YAYYYYYYYYY! So glad step went well. You will def get the hang of it. Thats just awesome! I like egg beaters but you’re right, they don’t really taste like eggs. I need to heat up a zbar, I haven’t tried that yet!

  5. breadandwithit

    Glad you liked Step. Hang in there with the poetry–it’s a window into the souls and emotions of the 19th C. Not my favorite either, but the 20th C (and 21st) stands on the shoulders of all who came before.

    thanks for the recipe.

  6. Hooray for step class and for SELF magazine!! 🙂

    Hang in there with the long days!!

  7. yay for being able to run again! WHAT is this about a marathon last year? I dont think i knew this. tell us more!

    ive always wanted to try a step class but i am so beyond uncoordinated that i have a bad feeling it would end with me on my face having fallen off my step

  8. strongandhealthy

    Oh there you are, I finally found this blog…haha, I’m a dork!

    Your eats look great today! Nice workout!

  9. Thanks for the recipe!! Hope you don’t start sounding like a man now 😉

    Hooray for the fab workouts!

  10. wow girl way to work it out today! haha.
    Just an FYI: your grrrreat and I love the recipe!

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