For good luck, rub my back

I’d probably also give you a dollar. I have this one little spot, nestled under my shoulder blade, that just needs a good dose of pressure. Any takers?

For some reason, I was ravenous all day today. Around 2, I sneaked (doesn’t that sound weird?) an almond snacky in the stairwell. (Yes, they’re resting on a water pipe.)


My workout was pretty good, excepting my growling stomach. Good thing for headphones! However, I didn’t do any arms or abs because a) I am so very sore, and b) I was STARVING!

20:00 stairmaster

21:00 bike

348 calories burned

Maximum heart rate: 164

Average heart rate: 144

The stair machine they have here (the kind you “pulse,” rather than climb) doesn’t feel like it gives me as good of a workout as the other, and my heart rate is about 30 bpm less. Curious.

I had an emergency TJ’s yogurt with muesli snack:


Dinner was great. I am so glad I read Jenna’s blog this morning, because it led me to this recipe. My host mother (she was a vegetarian as well, thank goodness!) in France used to make sesame tofu as well, and I’ve wanted to make it ever since. I halved the ingredients, and save for using a Vidalia onion in place of a green one, I prepared it the same way. It’s remarkably similar to our favorite Gliding Calm tofu! Delish. Definitely going into my recipe box (more like my head).


With broccoli and a sweet potato (B&B and brown sugar):


Yes, that is the broccoli water in my glass.


My night class was great! It’s going to be a very good class, I just know it (despite the fact that I will be reading The Color Purple for the fourth- yes, fourth- time). In part because… we have snacks and coffee every week! I’m such a sucker for goodies. Today my prof brought Caribou coffee, cookies, and mini cupcakes.

I had one little chocolate cupcake:


Then I had another. They were cute, what can I say? I also had half a cup of coffee with half & half, but I only drank half of it so it won’t keep me up tonight.


Emma and Matt posed with my orange. Show the English majors some love.


Well, kiddies, I’m off to make hummus and go to sleep. (I may have been an great-auntie from California in the 60s in my past life.) Bonne nuit!


14 responses to “For good luck, rub my back

  1. Your dinner looks so good!

  2. I have been a hungry hungry hippo all day too! That little caupcake is so cute!

  3. Your dinner looks fabulous!

  4. Awesome cupcakes and kick ass water pipe!

  5. strongandhealthy

    That yogurt with muesli looks great!! Hope you have a great day!

  6. Yum Katie! Caribou and cupcakes are impossible to pass up, as we both know all too well. Crumbs/Magnolia anyone? Miss you and talk to you soon!

  7. Fabulous dinner & cupcake!!

  8. yes, sneaked does sound weird. i think its snuck? who knows. aren’t you supposed the be the english major?

    i love mini cupcakes. since theyre so cute and small they have no calories. did you know that? it’s true.

    Matt is enthralled with your orange. i hope you shared.

  9. I’m loving the almond picture 😀

    The little cupcakes are too cute!

  10. Mmm, tofu and sweet potatoes.. my two favorites!

    And those little cupcakes are adorable!

  11. That dinner is pretty fantastic!! Gotta love those classes that give you food all the time – when I was in my elem. ed classes we got candy all.the.time. it started to get ridiculous after a while!

  12. Best dinner OUT! Tofu sweet potaters, does it get any better? I mean, honestly? Well, I guess the cupcake did it but still, maybe if it was all on one plate it could be a home run! Im pretty sure if it’s a gift, they don’t count. Right? I mean, that’s just what I’ve heard… 😉

  13. That dinner looks awesome girlie…and yes sneaked does sound funny hmmm 🙂

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