Sloppy Joes, yo

Greetings, earthlings! I just watched a movie in which one of the main characters thought he was abducted by aliens. (He was not.)

This day has been a whirlwind! It started wonderfully with free lunch. The English department is looking for someone to teach 18th Century poetry, so I went to hear one of the candidates give their talk. It’s hard to make Alexander Pope interesting, but it worked.

Veggie lasagna with dry salad (and black coffee, which I hid from you):


My body is still on that hungry girl kick. While I was in the library, only an hour or two after the talk, I was starving! Luna to the rescue. I THINK this was my first time trying the Chocolate Raspberry flavor, but I liked it a lot… especially since I’m going to have to wait awhile before buying the Peanut Butter Cookie again. Boohoo.


Lo and behold, an hour and a half later, before Step, my tummy was crying out again! Emergency snack #2 to the rescue. I had 1/4 of this Cashew Cookie Larabar.


Step today was so intense. It was a lot more difficult than last week, and we learned a lot of new moves. I think I’ve more or less gotten the basic steps down, but my arms still confuse me a lot.

After class, I ran a mile on the treadmill (still pain-free!) and did some ab work. I kept my heart rate monitor on the whole time, and I was shocked to see that , including Step class and my mile, I burned 853 calories in 1:16 hours! Holy MOLY.

Needless to say, when I got home I was FAMISHED. I attacked this orange…


… then wolfed down this yogurt while I iChatted with Ari in London (!).


Dinner was something I’ve had my eye on since I bought Veganomicon. Inspired by Erin (and Isa), I finally made myself some Snobby Joes. I made a few changes to the recipe (yellow pepper instead of green, 1 T chili flakes instead of 3 T chili powder, brown rice syrup instead of maple), but overall I was very pleased. I might cut back on the chili in the future… my mouth was on FIRE.


I had two big globs on two slices of Ezekiel sprouted WW toast with arugula. Yum yum yum!


I wanted to make up for some of the calories lost, so I made a delicious protein shake:


1 banana

1 cup skim milk

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

1 tsp peanut butter

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Well, that’s it for me. I’m going to catch up on the blogs tomorrow; I’ve already missed my “computer bedtime” by 45 minutes. Sleep well! Over and out.


12 responses to “Sloppy Joes, yo

  1. mmmmmm your dinner creation looks absolutely amazing!!!!
    what is step about????

  2. I hate that we have to wait to buy the PB flavored bars again- booo! Nice job on the calorie burning! Yayyyy for Step! Arms do have a great way of throwing me off during class too (even when I’m teaching ;)). Sloppy lentils are one of my favorite meals. Love your addition of the heat!

  3. breadandwithit

    Wow! A step/pilates combo would be great, kind of like a “circuit”. Mix it up? Careful with that leg! Be nice to swim every once in a while.

    Your English classes sound fantastic–the whole department is interesting. Did they hire the Pope person? Did s/he discuss the “Rape of the Lock”? Did Pope even write the “Rape of the Lock”? Wasn’t he the “Wasp” of someplace? Discuss.

    Stay healthy.

  4. Holy workout girlfriend, rockin it OUT! I need to try my hand at those snobby’s they are lookg quite deelicious! Have a good friday dahling 😉

  5. larabar!! snobby joes!! fabulous workout!! hell yes 🙂

  6. man! great workout!! I tried to take step classes regularly once upon a time and then one day they had this new instructor filling in and she was sooo confusing, all I did was stand there with a look of confusement and frustration on my face, and I havent been back since! haha. Maybe I should give it another chance.

  7. Everything looks great – I like your take on sloppy joes!

  8. Ari’s in London?! SO.NOT.FAIR! Okay – maybe I’m just a little bit jealous 😉

    Love the snobs! I need to make some – everyone loves them!

  9. Have you ever seen the lunch lady skit on SNL? Everytime I see the words “sloppy joes” it reminds me of it 😀

  10. I need to make these snobby joes! I’ve seen them everywhere!!!

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