Slurp Those ‘Shrooms

Howdy! I am pleased to report that the weather is currently 51˚, which means bye bye black ice!

I had a [finally ripe] pear as a snack to hold me over a little longer until lunch.


When I did eat, I had a toasted sandwich with hummus, peppered Tofurky (this website made me laugh), and spinach.


Yummy yummy.


I had the rest of my Imagine mushroom soup in a big mug, just because I felt like drinking it.  You know how it goes.


With a side of Alice Walker…


I am mighty full, so I think I’ll wait a while to go to the gym.  Maybe I’ll take just a teensy nap…


6 responses to “Slurp Those ‘Shrooms

  1. We’re shroom fanatics my dear, Katie! Love the looks of that soup 🙂

  2. I hope it’s not that teensy!

  3. Mmm..nnaaapppp!

    Is that soup vegan? I want to eat it!

  4. Hope you got that nap!

  5. Yum, that sandwich looks amazing!

  6. “With a side of Alice Walker,” haha – love it!! 😀

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