Late Night Overload

Guten morgen, bloggers!  I just talked to Ari, who is in Germany right now.  Pretty cool, huh? I wish I could be there so badly!

Yesterday my will to get up and out of the house was dragging, so I had a little help from Mr. Chocolate.  He’s a good friend like that.


The gym had to wait a little because, since it was the first day the water wouldn’t freeze right off, there was a huge line at the car wash.   It might have been my first time going to a car wash all by myself.  Just might.


My workout at the gym was pretty good, but nice and easy.  I didn’t bring the little attachment that clips onto the strap for my HRM, so I don’t have exact stats, but roughly:

20:00 stairs

1.15 mile run, @ 5 mph (12:00 mile)

ab series

Total calories burned: 350 (ish)

I came home and had a banana (Andy Warhol anyone?)


Dinner was a big salad with romaine, spinach, arugula, chickpeas, a Morningstar Farms Griller’s Prime burger, and a laughing cow.


With light sundried tomato vinaigrette for dipping:


Wine and grapes (I’m so classy):


And a heated up Chocolate Chip Z bar for dessert.


So, why is it that late at night, when my defenses are down, I CRAVE carbs?  In high school, cereal was my go-to late night snack, and I guess that just got ingrained into my brain that once it’s late and I’m tired, it’s time to gorge on cereal.  Which is exactly what I did. Twice. Two bowls of Fiber One/ Oatmeal Squares/ Mueslix with skim milk.  Ugh! Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow is another day…


I thought about just having a yogurt or something for breakfast, but took what I know is the smarter road and had a breakfast cookie. I’ll just make sure I get in a lot of fruits and veggies throughout the day.


Well, I’m off to shower and then go have brunch with my grandparents.  Enjoy the last day of the weekend!


6 responses to “Late Night Overload

  1. I haven’t been to Germany since 2003 – I miss it!!

    Smiley breakfast!! Love it as always 🙂

    Enjoy your brunch!!

  2. Hi hi!!! Germany? How cool! I am mostly german but have never been there. My dad works for a company based out there and gets to go all the time!

    Great workout!

    Cereal is a wonderful snacky.

    Have a great sunday!

  3. Cereal is one of my favorite late night snacks too.

    Always love your breakfast smily faces! Have fun with your grandparents!

  4. ok, you think that is bad…in highschool I would come home late at night on the weekends and ALWAYS would fix two waffles a HUGE glass of milk and smother the waffles with tons of maple syrup…and never think a thing about it. I dont know how I wasnt 500 lbs! haha

  5. Ari is like the international man of mystery! First London now Germany – I’m jealous!!

    Fabulous salad and, well, carbs are delish that’s why 😉

  6. maybe you were craving carbs because you didn’t have any with dinner? My nutritionist told me that if you consistently eat carbs/protein/fat with every meal and snack it really helps to cut back on the cravings.

    i love your wine/grapes combo—mmmmm

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