Go back to bed, Mr. Rooster!

I was not ready for the alarm to go off this morning, but I have a bit of work to do so up I got. Boo.

I had another great big bowl ‘o oats:


1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup soy milk

1/2 banana


1 T flax meal

1 T brown sugar

2 prunes


I got these supplements as a sample at Whole Foods yesterday.  They have both minerals and plant nutrients, which is interesting, but I think I’d prefer to get my nutrition from actual veggies.


More coffee, please!


I’m going to finish up the rest of my chocolate creation, then maybe squeeze in a quick nap before class.  That’s probably not the best idea…

Happy humpday!


3 responses to “Go back to bed, Mr. Rooster!

  1. Your post from yesterday was pure food heaven!!

    I hear ya on not wanting to wake up today – it was brutal, I was all nice and warm 😦 Have a great Wed!!

  2. Delish breakfast!!

    Hang in there with the work!!

  3. breadandwithit

    Hooray for chocolate! Hooray for getting the real stuff from vegetables! Hooray for getting up even though you don’t want to!

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