Rise & Shine


I woke up way before my alarm this morning, so I treated myself to a movie morning and watched L’Avventura. Oh the fashion, the hair, the accents!

For breakfast, I had a big bowl of Greek yogurt with a Gala apple, Fiber One and some blackberries.


A couple hours later I had an orange, to hold me over until the English department luncheon that’s in an hour.


My posting yesterday was totally out of whack so I’m going to just copy and paste my question from yesterday. I have crazy dry skin all year round, but it gets particularly terrible in winter. I just discovered A+D Original Ointment REALLY helps (yes, it’s for diaper rash…). Do you have any health or beauty remedies that you swear by but, by “normal” standards, most people would think are weird?

Have a great day!


8 responses to “Rise & Shine

  1. Movie morning! SO fun – love it 😀

    Happy Thursday!!

  2. sounds like a fantastic day you have had –
    i swear vodka on the skin after a shave – is that weird?


  3. Mmmm I love Greek Yogurt. I really have no quirky remedies, but my sister insists on toothpaste on a pimple!

  4. Okay..this is going to sound REALLY weird, but Monistat makes this anti-chafing ointment that is supposed to be for your legs, but it is pretty much the same ingredients as the fancy primers they sell at Sephora, and it works wonders as a face primer before putting on makeup! I was a little weirded out before I tried it, but it is fabulous!

  5. breadandwithit

    For chapped lips and cheeks, it’s hard to beat good old Vaseline. It’s also great for cracked skin around cuticles.

  6. Thanks for the tip on the lotion – I hear ya on the crazy dry skin!!

    I use Vaseline on my luscious lips – cheap and works!

  7. hmmm i dont know if I have any creative uses for things like that…the only thing that I can think of is using conditioner for shave gel if im out, but i think that may be kinda common? i dont know. haha.

  8. lotion–
    mixed with a little water makes a good out-of-the shower shave gel if you’re in a hurry (no need to rinse, just rub it in!)
    it also helps to smooth a little wee bit on your hair if it is static-y or has fly aways….

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