Who says I have to eat like a sicko?

Well, I guess I spoke too soon and I’m still a little ill.  I’m still wondering whether or not it could be because I just got a new, stronger contact prescription… but that’s never happened before.  Hmm…

The English Dept. lunch was the best it’s been (the candidate, however, was not): mozzarella, pesto, tomato and lettuce sandwich on ciabatta bread.  I also had a tiny bit of pasta salad, pickles, and three fruit kebabs.


A few hours later I had a Toasted Nuts ‘n Cranberry Luna bar (I went to WF after I’d just eaten a lot of sugar so I wasn’t in the mood for any of my usual sweet bars).  This issue of Runner’s World is about injury prevention… very convenient!


I went to Step today, but it really wasn’t the best idea.  After about 20 minutes I was so dizzy that I had to leave.  I felt really bad about leaving my step in the middle of the floor, but I would have interrupted the whole class had I moved it. Bah.

I had two slices of cinnamon raisin Swirl toast with B&B.


Dinner was a little late today; I stayed in bed in and out of sleep for awhile (and read a lot of magazines, yes).  I’m sorry, but there’s just no way to make this look appetizing: Annie’s Mac & Cheese made with yogurt, a laughing cow light, peas and a can of tuna.

Dessert was two chocolate- covered strawberries (yum! easy! must make these more!).


I LOVED your responses about home remedies:

A+D Original Ointment for dry skin

Vodka for post-shave

Toothpaste for acne

Monistat anti-chafing powder gel for makeup priming

Vaseline for everything! (My mom sent me this link from todays NYTimes… apparently we aren’t the only ones getting a little creative in desperate winter times!)

Conditioner for backup shave gel (Emily, you’re genius! I usually use shampoo.)

I’m really not hungry but am still a little snacky (hmm, maybe that is why I don’t feel good?) so I might have a little something else before I go to sleep.

Greg lent me The Wire, so I’m going to chillax in bed with that.  Have a lovely night!


11 responses to “Who says I have to eat like a sicko?

  1. Ahhh- oh my gosh…no, no that dinner looks beautiful and delicious! I always mix annies mac and cheese with tuna- but I have never used yogurt and a light laughing cow wedge. tell me more about the yogurt-when did you add it in????
    can ya tell i am a little excited about this?
    and i adore chocolate covered strawberries- lucky girl!
    have a fab night!

  2. oh no! Feel better! Get lots of rest! Thank you for sharing all the home remedies

  3. Seems like a few bloggers are feeling illll (and not in a good way). Get some rest.

    I got that issue from the library. I will have to read carefully. You will be running soon!

  4. your posts are making me hungry again….

  5. Oh, I missed the home remedies post. I can’t tell you how many mornings I shave my legs with conditioner. It ain’t pretty. I had a doctor’s appt. Monday that got cancelled, and I was so pissed that I “conditioner shaved” for nothing!

    Feel better and stay the hell away from step aerobics!!!!


  7. Feel better sooooon!!!

  8. GET WELL SOON!!!!!

    Did you see Don Draper on 30 Rock last night? He was looking fiiiiiine!

  9. i love cinnamon raisin toast! it’s the best!

    make sure you get plenty of rest. i ALWAYS push myself too hard when i’m sick/injured and end up making it so much worse than it needs to be. take care of yourself and feel better soon!!

  10. awww girl, you are too kind 🙂

    Ok I am SO glad that someone else likes peas in thier pasta. I have always thought that it was some weird thing that only I would like…what a relief!

    Im so sorry that you are feeling bad…you need to get better girlie, its the weekend!!! haha

    p.s. thanks for the shoe advice, im def. gonna check those out. Im going shoe shopping for my b-day on wednesday 🙂

  11. Actually, that mac n peas dish looks so good right now!

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