Dream A Little Dream


I am so embarrassingly tired right now (it’s only midnight!). I’m glad I’m on a good schedule because I wake up at more or less the same time each morning without needing much assistance from the many alarm clocks that I plant around the room… but that also means that come 9 o’clock my eyes start to DROOP!

Emily’s post about her friend’s interesting eats made me crave chips and salsa.  It’s funny, because that’s not usually a snack I go for.  I’m more of a sweet snack kind of gal, I guess.


Well, after having a few chips I decided I didn’t really want them anymore and I put them back.  I’m such a weirdo like that… I’ll debate something for so long, decide on it, have a few bites and decide it’s not what I wanted after all.

Speaking of indecision, NEVER go to the grocery store hungry. Especially when said grocery store is a Super Target and has everything you could possibly want (except Arnold’s Sandwich Thins… what’s up with that?). Jalene and I went around 7 (prime dinner time) to get her some cough syrup, and ended up staying there for an HOUR.  It was such a pathetic scene, you should have seen it: we’d walk slowly through the aisles, pausing in front of the candy/cookie/ice cream displays for SO LONG.  We spent TEN MINUTES in the frozen food aisle debating which pizza to get (yes, it was that kind of a night) only to end up getting none! Crazy girls.

When we did finally get home, I had some baby carrots and a glass of Vouvray while I decided what to make for dinner. (Yes, I know how gross our counter top looks… we’re cleaning tomorrow, I swear.)


I decided on a variation on a recipe that I found in Health for a mushroom pasta.  In a skillet, I sautéed garlic and oil with tofu, mushrooms, and canned diced tomatoes.  Once the tofu and mushrooms were nicely browned, I took the skillet off the heat and tossed in a little spinach.


I added 2 oz of spaghetti, and topped it with parsley, 1 tablespoon of chopped walnuts and mozzarella. C’était délicieux!


We had a nice girls’ night in, which means PJs, a movie, and ice cream.  We watched Dreamgirls (I know, we’re probably the only two girls who hadn’t seen it) and were doing SO WELL with keeping our emotions at bay, until the last scene when the tear ducts let us down. Oh, well!

As for the ice cream, I had a BIG bowl of Edy’s Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Special Dark Hershey’s Syrup and a Double Stuffed Oreo.  Woman, get thee to the gym! Totally worth it, though.


My lazy self is already in bed, so all I have to do is turn out the light.  Goodnight!


11 responses to “Dream A Little Dream

  1. I am so indecisive like that. You should see me in the frozen food section at Whole Foods. It’s ridiculous.

    Cookie dough ice cream is my FAAAAAAVORITE. Good choice!

  2. hahaha Target is the devil! I always end up spending way more money in there than I want to! I still haven’t seen dream girls! Hope you got some good sleeps!

  3. Haha I went to bed at like..9… on Friday! Talk about embarrassing!

  4. I’ve never seen Dreamgirls!

    That ice cream looks like it was definitely worth the splurge!

  5. it’s ok, i spend hours at the grocery section in target even if i’m STUFFED from dinner! and i’ve never seen dream girls either!

    salmon + annies mac=awesome. not too fishy at all. do it.

  6. strongandhealthy

    I love Super Target! Dangerous, I know!

    Hope you had a great relaxing night! I’m always exhausted by 9 too. You’re not alone!

  7. Ooooooh, love “Tar-jay” and that DESSERT!! 😀

    Rest up, dear Katie!!

  8. ok I just laughed out loud about the grocery shopping trip, because that is sooo me! I think I need to start making a list or plan SOMETHING out before I just randomly decide to go to the grocery and stand there staring at everything trying to decide like an idiot!! haha. But then again, I am bad at decision making period. with anything. haha.

    Im also with you on the snack. I spend forever trying to decide what I want and then only have a few chips, crackers, etc. we are just awesome like that, i guess. 🙂

    Hope your saturday is fun too girl! ❤

  9. I haven’t seen Dreamgirls!! Also – indecisive is my middle name! I literally took out everything I needed to make dinner once, started, and then put it all back haha

    Have a great Saturday!

  10. Yay for Target. I totally wanted to go today but I am staying put in mi casa.
    I haven’t seen Dreamgirls either!!! Ahh…I always thought I was the only girl, hah!
    I love that ice cream and oreo bowl 🙂 I am so happy you enjoyed that!
    Have a wonderful day !

  11. breadandwithit

    Hey Dreamgirls,

    Go see “Cadillac Records”–I thought it was better in every way. Don’t get me wrong–DG is plenty good, but “CR” is better. Beyonce, Mos Def, etc. And way better music.

    Then, NetFlix “Festival Express” and The Band’s farewell, the name of which escapes me. Then, The Isle of Wight Festival (way better than the Woodstock movie), then The Who’s last concert, and then “Don’t Look Back”, and then Scorsese’s interview with Dylan, and then the Beatles tribute, then “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, and then some obscure recorded early TV appearances by James Brown, The King, and The Killer (Jerry Lee Lewis for you toddlers), and the real Supremes, and Ella, and Frank, and Bobby Darin (no, no, no to Kevin Spacey), and Tony Bennett, and then the Temps, and then Sam and Dave, and then you’ll enjoy DreamGirls even more. If you’ve got a good sound system, fire up Howlin’ Wolf “The London Sessions” (referenced in Cadillac Records) and Aretha’s greatest hits, and you’ll be so happy you’ll actually enjoy studying and be ready to have people over for an old-fashioned dance party. See Sam Cook: “We’re having a party, dancing to the music on the radio.” A few chips, some Cokes, low lights, and you’ll be right back in the early 60’s without a care in the world. At least for a night. Or, substitute Kashi shakes and crudites for the Cokes and chips.

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