Home Economics

If you eat right, you’ll have more energy. That makes you more likely to succeed at work and earn more money. Then, you’ll be able to afford better food, stay healthy and spend less on medical costs. And the virtuous circle continues.

My brilliant mama directed me to this article in today’s Times, and I’m going to take both the author and Mama Veggie’s advice and see just how much eating well affects my wallet. Like Kath’s Thanksgiving Challenge and other bloggers before and after her, I’m going to keep daily, weekly and monthly tabs on my spending to try to gain some insight into both what and how I’m eating.  Does most of my grocery money go towards fruit, nutrition bars, chocolate, or magazines? Do I repeatedly buy things that don’t get eaten and shop again before I “need” to?  Although I’m not yet totally on my own in the financial department (thanks Ma & Pop!), graduation is imminent and with that comes  [I hope] a job, apartment, and life that I alone will be responsible for.  So why not get started now with healthy economic habits?

Lunch was two slices of Ezekiel Sprouted WW bread broiled with spinach, tofurky and cheddar cheese.


There was some serious cheese bubblage going on!


I also had a cup of Pacific Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato soup.  It was very good, but very sweet.  I think I might mix it with something else the next time I have some.


I finished the meal with a Sunkist navel orange.


Home Economics

bread- .20/slice, .40 total

cheese: .35

spinach: .40

Tofurky: .50

soup: 1.75

Total lunch: $3.29

I still haven’t made my way to the gym, but I’m still planning to go before dinner.  In the meantime, it’s workworkwork! Have a great evening.


4 responses to “Home Economics

  1. Great article!!

    Have fun at the gym!!!

  2. Moms know what’s up!

  3. mmm your sammy looks awesome with all that bubbly cheese! Hope the workout went well. Have a great night

  4. Fabulous article! Thanks Mama LilVeggiePatch 🙂

    Cheese bubbleage is the best kind of bubbleage there is!

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