Guest Post: Ari on the road in BERLIN

Hello, I’ve been meaning to do a guest post and thought now would be a good time. I’m with my band, The Upwelling, and we’re on tour with AAR right now in Europe. I hope you will enjoy it.


I got up this morning; a bartender graciously let us sleep in her house. The place was freezing, there was no heat and nobody slept the whole night in Hamburg. We left Hamburg at 8 and stopped halfway between Hamburg & Berlin to get coffee and a croissant.

Here we are ordering breakfast:


The bread was great in Germany. Much better than in the U.K., I thought.


At a truckstop on the way to Berlin:


I got a diet coke and Bifi beef jerky- it’s strange type of jerky that seems to be very popular. Sold in the same section as candy.

We had lunch in Berlin in a little restaurant.


Berliner beer (made in Berlin) and some kind of goulash. Very delicious.


Backstage at the venue:


There was a German woman there cooking for us.


We have to hydrate somehow!

There was quite a spread…


… and everything was delicious.


Here I am with Chris from the All-American Rejects in the bathroom:


Another Berliner:


iChatting with Katie from backstage:

Here’s us playing Shepards Bush Empire in London.


And a little eye candy for ya!


Thanks for reading!

-La Petite Tomate


10 responses to “Guest Post: Ari on the road in BERLIN

  1. Such a fun guest post!! 😀

  2. HI ARI!! hooray for a great guest post! i’m so jealous that you get to 1) travel all over europe and 2) chill with AAR. Lucky guy!

  3. Wow, how cool! Have fun in Berlin, Ari!

  4. beadandwithit

    This is INCREDIBLE! Thank you Ari. Is there any way to add in audio?

    German bread is the best in the world. Take that, France!

    Where to next?

  5. beadandwithit

    Katie–you have the coolest friends.

  6. strongandhealthy

    What great pics! So glad you’re enjoying everything!

  7. Aw – what a fabulous guest post!! AAR is one of my favorite bands. Katie – I think you should screw school, go visit Ari, and take me with you! Who else will run down the streets of Paris at 3 in the morning for a crepe with you?! 😉

    Have safe travels!

  8. Let’s hear it for goulash and rock n’ roll. Go Ari! Thinking about you.

  9. Too cool! And so sweet to chat w/the lovely Katie backstage!

  10. Ari, where’s the sound clip!? Serious!

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