White flour and egg yolks PROBABLY won’t kill me.

Hello hello! Sorry about the late post; my day is already off to kind of a wacky start. For one, I woke up at 8 even though I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30 or so.  My roommate and her mom (who stayed with us last night) were still asleep, so I didn’t want to run the microwave and wake them up.  Instead, I just had some cold leftover banana flax oatmeal and mixed in strawberries, mixed nuts, cinnamon and agave nectar.


Then promptly went back to sleep for almost three hours.  You know how I roll.

I woke up and had some dried fruit (two prunes and a date) with almond butter. Nomnomnom.


My workout at the gym wasn’t so intense today, but at least I did something.

20 minutes on stairs

1.2 miles on treadmill (1 mile run @ 5.2 mph, .2 mile cooldown)

mini ab series

Total time: 42:23 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 177 (89%)

Average heart rate: 135 (68%)

Calories burned: 311

I went to the cafeteria for brunch, but to my dismay they were “out” of egg whites.  Egg whites and the fruit are pretty much the only reason I even go for brunch… I have stuff at home that I’d much rather eat without them!  The kid in front of me in the toaster line also took the last honey wheat English muffin, so I had to settle with plain (spread with vegan butter and topped with two eggs over medium and ketchup).


They stopped serving pineapple because of its high carbon footprint, so my fruit salad was a little boring. At least the strawberries were good!

Yep, I'm a fruit piggie!

Yep, I'm a fruit piggie!

With some coffee, since I didn’t make any at home this morning.


Sorry to be so whiny today… I’m stressed out with schoolwork (but who isn’t?) and I’ve been feeling a little homesick this past week. This too shall pass.

Have a great Sunday!


8 responses to “White flour and egg yolks PROBABLY won’t kill me.

  1. My grandmother always says “this too shall pass.” 🙂 It’s so true! Hang in there. I know it’s tough to be away from home sometimes.

  2. Good luck with your schoolwork, that fruit salad looks delicious 🙂

  3. Hang in there with the schoolwork, girl!! I’m here for ya!!

  4. Boo – sorry about the bummer brunch!!

    You’re allowed to be whiney 🙂 I’ll allow it!

  5. I hope you feel better!!<3

  6. wholefoodswholeme

    great blog! i think you are right, white flour/egg yolk is not bad for you if you only have it occasionally. i’m sorry that the stress is building – you should whine all you want/can on your blog, where else?!

  7. aww girl, im sorry you have been homesick. Feel better dear. Love you much! ❤

  8. (((virtual hugs)))

    How dare they be out of egg whites AND the good english muffins!

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