Mornings FOR MEN


Bonjour mes enfants! I trust you’ve all slept wonderfully and are ready to take on your Mondays! No? Well, drink some coffee.

Sarah surprised me yesterday with some lovely treats from Russia! Honey, a fashionable notebook, and (my favorite!) MONARCHY KETCHUP with pictures of, yep, Catherine and Peter the Great! That girl is the coolest.


To keep in the Russian spirit of things, I enjoyed some of my FOR MEN chocolate (see the little “no women” signs?). x 2. I can feel my beard starting to sprout…


I had a Gala to help me study… an apple a day makes your brain grow each day!


Last night I was inspired by this recipe in SELF. Shrimp taco it is!

I mixed some cooked shrimp with parsley, lemon juice, garlic, salt & pepper.


I tossed it on a soft taco and added goat cheese, shredded lettuce and another squirt of lemon. Quite a mess to eat, but mighty tasty!


I also had a great big grapefruit


For dessert, I heated up a Chocolate Chip Z bar and sandwiched it between two scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Mm-mm good.


I watched Evening while I cooked; it’s a sweet little movie and has a crazy good cast.  It should have been better than it was, but I’m not sad I saw it.

This morning’s oatmeal was bomb-diddly-icious again. I finished up the last of my Banana Flax oats and added some goodies:


-Frozen berries

-Agave nectar

-Mixed nuts (cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds)

I put my coffee in the teapot so I could use the little creamer. I need all the extra things to get me excited on a Monday morning!


I had to get my virtual news on this morning, because once again, my newspaper was not on the doorstep! WSJ, you’ll be getting a call from me shortly.


Head on over to Every Gym’s Nightmare for a chance to win a lovely purple item from Danskin, and have a great day!


6 responses to “Mornings FOR MEN

  1. LOVE YOUR TEAPOT!! I collect them. so that excites me 😀

  2. Oh my gosh – Monarchy ketchup?! LOVE IT!

    The for men chocolate cracks me up…oh Euro eats!

  3. I love your teapot!!!! That is so adorable…little things like that make me happy too 🙂
    Your oats are beautiful, baby girl…love them!
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. Your nut berry mix sounds deeelish!
    How did your Zbar get over to the right? LOL!

  5. What is up with the man only chocolate! You’re a true rebel.

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