When we were really little, my friend was in this awesome musical about, well… rocks.  And volcanoes and stuff.  In fact, I think she might have that on video! Anyway… that was one of the songs.

This afternoon, before my yoga, I had a little ole tangerine. It made a big juicy mess!


I’d been planning (theme of the week, and it’s only Monday!) to do a 45-minute session, but just the thought of 45 minutes of exercise exhausted me.  So I did Lunar Flow #1, which I’ve done before, but it’s relaxing and we do a couple pigeon poses– my favorite!

Dinner was the first frozen meal I’ve had in a while, but I’d been thinking about eating it all day.


The nutrition facts aren’t too shabby.


I tried SO HARD to take an appetizing photo of this. Flash/no flash, lamplight/overhead… nothing worked.


It was good, but was strangely sweet. Obviously nothing is going to be as good as the mushroom lasagne, so maybe I should just give up now. Anyway, I squirted some lemon juice on it to try to counteract the sweetness. (I’ve been using lemon a lot recently so that I don’t oversalt everything.)


I picked up a tall Vanilla Rooibos latte on my way to class because my dad sent me a surprise gift card (thanks, daddy!) but this also tasted a little off to me.  I think maybe, when I said I wanted nonfat milk, the barista thought I would want sugar-free syrup and used something artificial instead. I hate that Splenda taste!

(Class hadn’t started yet… I’m not that rude!)


I had a banana during our first break. We were doing actual math today, and although she basically told us the answers, I could feel my brain starting to shrink! The prof also brought some M & Ms and jelly beans, and I had a few of each.


I had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich when I came home. It’s just chilling on the table next to the lamp, where all desserts should be!


I have a reeeeally early morning tomorrow and still a lot to do tonight.  I am so bad at budgeting my time!

Night night 🙂


6 responses to “Rock, Rock… IGNEOUS ROCK!

  1. mmm are those ice cream good? Even though it’s cold now I’m craving some frozen yogurt looking at your ice cream. hahah ;]

  2. I hate when I try so hard to take a good picture and it does not work! I’ve noticed that a lot of store made tomato sauce has a lot of sugar in it. Good call on the lemon instead of salt though!

  3. I think if you say “skinny” at Starbucks, they give you both nonfat milk AND SF syrup. Just a little FYI.
    My girlies LOVE skinny cows. We even have a Skinny Cow chart, and they have a little cow that moves forward each time they do something good and if he makes it to the barn, they get a Skinny Cow.

    You must have been a good girl 😉

  4. HAHA!! Love the rock story 😀

  5. I love Lunar Flow! I wanted to do it last night, but I was in my bed very early and I was all caught up in my book and well I couldn’t get up!!!
    Have a fabulous day, my dear 🙂

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