Spice Up Your Life!

I’ve never actually seen that video before, but the song came into my head when I looked outside and saw how cold and gray it was. Oh, the 90s were so futuristic!

As delicious as it was, my luscious bowl of oats did not hold me over at ALL. First I had some carrots


Then a graham cracker with almond butter (hard to eat while painting your nails, you know?).


Then I decided just to give in and have lunch. I wanted to try my other new salad dressing:


Honey mustard is one of my FAVORITES, which is kind of a recent development, actually. I always get the fat-free dressing on my subs when I go to Subway on car trips. Yum-a-licious.

Anyway, I used it to dip my Morningstar Farms (Grillers Prime) and spinach into. This was also my first go with the Monarchy ketchup: it tastes so much more tomato-y than Heinz. There are a lot of herbs in the bottle, so it’s a little like pasta sauce… but as a ketchup. Pretty freaking good.


I also had a mini TJ whole wheat bagel with hummus.


I went to class with my gym clothes on, and even raced back home because I forgot my ID. But… too tired for a major workout so I’m just going to do a lovely Yoga Download on our beautiful and [relatively] clean floor. I think I made the right choice.

I don’t think we’re watching a movie in Geocinema tonight, so this is going to be one long 3-hour science class for my poor Humanities brain. Humbug.

Have a great night!

Edited to add: There are so many giveaways this month! Check out Strawberry Shortstuff for a chance to win some yummy bars. Mmm, bars.


9 responses to “Spice Up Your Life!

  1. You know what I just thought of – when you were in Euro did you ever try the ketchup there?! It was fizzy!! Odd, yes indeed!

    Oh that hummus = YUM! Hope you survive that movie šŸ˜¦

  2. ahh the spice girls! I used to be obsessed with baby spice, and looked EVERYWHERE for those huge platform sneakers, boy I am glad I never found any!

  3. HA!! Thanks for the song flashback šŸ˜€

    Good luck in class tonight!!

  4. I love the Spice Girls. thanks that made me smile!
    That ketchup looks like tomato sauce!!! Fancy šŸ™‚
    I hope you enjoyed yoga…and I hope class goes by quickly, my dear!

  5. OH MY GOSH- I use to LOVE me some spice girls! I couldn’t get enough of that song when it first came out. That dressing looks incredible! I always get honey mustard on my subs at subway too!

  6. honey mustard is my fave too!

    graham crackers+pb=the best
    night class = bad
    night class + movie = worse
    night class + movie + science = the worst.

    You deserve a medal. And some chocolate. Please, have some chocolate.

  7. I haven’t tried hummus before, is there a particular brand you recommend? I was able to find Tribe and Sabra… But I didn’t know which one.

  8. strongandhealthy

    I used to love the Spice Girls! Yummy eats!

  9. Honey mustard is one of my favorites too!

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