And an eggy morning to YOU!

Good morning! I love blog-spired foods. This morning I had Noggy Berry Pudding, inspired by Erin, who was inspired by Shelby, who was inspired by Krista… oh, it’s just wonderful! We’re just a BIG happy foodie family. It can be easily vegan-ized, as Erin and Shelby showed, but I made mine with egg whites and honey (although I did use soy milk). I did all the prep-work last night, so this morning all I had to do was throw the ingredients together and pop it in the oven.


In my noggy, I used:

1/2 cup egg whites

2 slices WW Ezekiel

1/2 cup mixed frozen berries

1 T honey

1/2 cup soy milk

1 tsp cinnamon


It needed a little something, so I sprinkled on some walnuts, agave, and a little more cinnamon.


This is so good. I can’t wait to experiment with other flavors… I’m thinking banana chocolate chip walnut?

Mr. Coffee is angry with me (perhaps for my trip to Starbucks yesterday) and has decided that instead of brewing, he will just fill up his coffee basket with water. Yay! So, I’m going to go find some on the way to the library so that I’ll become a functional human being again.

Runner’s World has some good tips on how to stop making excuses and just power through your workout.

I like this one:

5. Remember the Reward
“I bargain with myself-I don’t have to do anything for the rest of the day, and I can eat whatever I want,” says Ashleigh Griffin of Midland, Texas. Margaret Turner thinks about her postrun steak and big glass of red wine. Kendra Pudlowski of Jefferson City, Missouri, reminds herself that she lost 118 pounds in the past year through diet and exercise. “I recently won my age division at a local 5-K,” she says. “Running is what sets me apart from others around me struggling to be healthy.”

How do you get your booty moving when your body is making excuses to do everything but?

Have a great Tuesday!


6 responses to “And an eggy morning to YOU!

  1. I love getting my body moving – hang in there, girl!!

  2. That is a decadent breakfast!! Sorry you and Mr. Coffee are experiencing a rough patch 😦 Those are never fun!

  3. ok so when I just glanced at your post I thought the title was “an edgy morning” and I thought to myself, “oh that katie is pretty edgy, lets see what made her morning edgy” and then I saw the picture, looked back at the title, and realized it was eggy NOT edgy. I still think your edgy though! ❤

    Whenever i dont really wanna go to the gym I just dont even think about it, I just put my self in “routine” mode, get dressed, drive to the gym, and then next thing I know I snap out of it and im on the eliptical. haha.

  4. ughhhh! I hate when my coffee pot breaks! What a drag. breakfast looks awesome- I love using other bloggers recipes!

  5. When I am not in the mood to exercise, be it cardio or yoga, I just keep reminding myself how much better I will feel after I do it. Energized and happy!
    I love that breakfast!!! Sounds so yummy!
    Have a wonderful evening, dear.

  6. sounds delicious 🙂

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