She Goes Above And Beyond Her Call of Duty…

Anyone Ben Kweller fans out there? What a cute boy…

My internet is being HORRIBLE right now but hopefully this will make it up tonight, cuz I got news, baby!

But first…

I bought a big ole cup o’ Guatemalan this morning to enhance my studying. That man better be working tomorrow!


By the time I got to lunch today I was STARVING. I’m not used to eating breakfast so early, and I didn’t bring any snacks to tide me over. The cafeteria must anticipated my presence because it had four of my favorite things: something with squash, quinoa, seitan, and Magic Bars!

I had some quinoa with dried fruit (meaning two craisins) and seitan with peppers.


It needed a little something extra, so I went back and added coconut, raisins, chili sauce and yogurt, and mixed that all up. Super yum.


I also had a bowl of curried squash soup, to which I added cilantro and coconut. This soup might inspire some Lilveggiepatch cookin’…


Still hungry, I ate a banana and took half a Magic Bar. The bar was mostly white chocolate today and had about three dark chocolate chips (economizing?) so I only had two bites (the second was to see if it got any better… nope).


I’d been planning to meet my lovely friend Katey for coffee, but when I got in my car to go pick her up, it wouldn’t start! The doors wouldn’t lock, the lights wouldn’t turn on… yep, someone left their headlights on this morning after driving to school in the rain. Whoopsies! I called my dad, more irritated than anything else, and he gave me Geico’s number (1-800-42- GEICO… it’s a good number to know!) and a nice young man came and gave me a jump.

After that debacle I went home to “rest” (i.e. read Bon Appétit and lie in bed) and had this grapefruit.


And then… the mail came! Oh my goodness, my Secret Cupid went above and beyond. Hope over at Run Love really out did herself. She’s also a college student, so she knows what we need to keep us going! She also clearly read my blog to see what I liked (like coconut water!!!), as well as some awesome new goodies I’m really excited to try out.


I enjoyed a mini Cinnamon Roll Larabar (I’ve always been jealous of you racers for getting these!) on my way to Step Aerobics to boost my energy (19th Century poetry was a bit of a doozy today).


I don’t know if it’s just because my energy has been low recently, but both today and last week I did not have a good time at Step. It wasn’t harder than usual, I just was having trouble with my attention span. Hopefully it’ll be better next time. My instructor fell off the step and broke her arm (!) so we won’t have Thursday class. She did all the moves, wearing her cast, she just used one arm instead of two. As in, a ONE-ARM PLANK. Yes, you read that right. This girl is seriously jacked.

Step: 1:00 hour

Treadmill: 21 minutes, 1.5 miles + cooldown

Total time: 1:21

Calories burned: 650

When I was done at the gym, a beautiful bouquet of flowers was there waiting. Katey works at a florist’s, and brought these just for me! It really made my day.


Around Christmas, right before break, my dad said he’d “take” me and Jalene out to dinner; we were too stressed at the time, but tonight was the perfect time! We went to the Thai restaurant across the street from our house and enjoyed a relaxing dinner to reward us for a trying school week (yeah, I know it’s only Tuesday).

I had a small glass of Chardonnay (which I took about two hours to drink) and lots of water.


We split the Special Spring Rolls (rice noodles, cabbage, carrots, shrimp & three kinds of mint). They’re served with this amazing sweet chili peanut sauce that I could eat on just about everything,


I got a small bowl of Tofu Mushroom soup to start.


Hard as I try to order something different, I always end up getting Red Curry with tofu and mixed vegetables. It’s served in a delicious spicy-sweet coconut sauce that I would happily bathe in!

It doesn’t look so big in the photo, but it was a lot of food, especially after my appetizers. I had about half, with rice. Guess what’s for lunch tomorrow?


Dessert was another hot Chocolate Chip Z Bar/ chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream combo. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so I had both. And then a piece of dark chocolate, which I ate too quickly to photograph.


Because I’m a proud little sap and I miss him a whole lot (and I’ve been obsessively checking youtube for updates), here’s a clip from one of Ari’s shows in Germany:

Night night!


7 responses to “She Goes Above And Beyond Her Call of Duty…

  1. Killer day, toots!

    The cafeteria food looks surprisingly good, and I’d take your magic bar, the white chocolate is my fave part.

    Your secret cupid did so well…what a haul!

    You are a beauty with your orange, for sure.

    Love those parents for treating to dins.

    Ari rocks!!!

    Have a good night =)

  2. What a great secret cupid gift- toooo sweet!! Glad the caf provided some good food- looks yummy! I always fear cafs will only have super greasy high calorie combos! Sorry about the car- I’ve totally done that before 😉

  3. Fabulous gift from Hope; hooray for mini Larabars (so cute!!); and GORRRGEOUS flowers!!

  4. I have left the lights on in my car more times than I would like to admit, which is why I always carry jumper cables in my trunk!

    That video is awesome girl, the AAR came to my college last year and I went to see them. that is great that your BF’s band is playing with them.

    and yes, ben kweller is a cute boy. remember that band “the bens” with him and ben folds and ben lee? do they still make music? hmmm.

    Hope your having a great day dear! ❤

  5. i’m so jealous of your caf food–i dont think mine has ever even heard of quinoa or seitan!

    Hope did such a great job with your gift–so many goodies, it’s awesome!

  6. Ahhh Ben Kweller!! Your BF’s band is faaaaaaabu!

    Oh – I’ve totes been there with the headlights! Day after I got my license which also was the first day of junior year of HS 😦

    Your gift is AMAZING!!

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