Curried Tofu, if you please!

What a day, what a day. Night class is hard! But then again, so is a real job… so I’ll wait a couple more months, thanks. My mind has turned to mush, and I really only remember what I actually did today by looking at my food! Thank you, blog, for organizing my life.

Aren’t cold leftovers beautiful? This is practically a work of art.


Ah, much more appetizing now! I had the rest of last night’s curry, which was extra delicious today.


I also had my last orange, which was only mildly shriveled. Time to go to the store!


Lunch time-crunch:


But no! I wasn’t finished then. I had my last date ( 😦 ), some prunes, an apricot and dried apricot, all covered with almond butter. LOVE this treat.


I ran an easy two miles at my snail’s pace, but thank goodness I can even run! I did some arms while I was waiting for a treadmill, but the mats were all booked up so I skipped out on abs. (Does anyone smell an excuse?)

Dinner was fantabulous. I made some curried tofu, which I haven’t had in a while. It didn’t all want to fit in the pan, so I had to get creative. I consulted Veganomicon for the “real” recipe, and realized that I actually strayed quit far from it! Maybe one day (when my pantry is fully stocked) that’ll happen.


While the tofu was broiling, I whipped up some curried nayonnaise (that “expired” in September, but it tastes just fine!). I’d been planning on chopping some carrots to put in my wrap, but I ended up scarfing a bunch down and using the nayo as dip. I know, I know, totally disgusting. I think this meal is the only time I actually like anything that even remotely resembles mayonnaise.


I used one of the Lavash wraps that Hope sent. These things are so good! They remind me of the bread Ethiopian food is served with, although this kind seems to be served everywhere but. I’ve never seen it sold in stores, so I might have to go ahead and order it online.


The package says the serving is 1/2 Lavash, but my tummy very demanding and I ended up making two wraps (thanks to Emily’s brilliant tutorial!) and using the whole batch (1/2 block) of tofu.


There was tofu leftover, so I covered it in more curry sauce and nayo.


But… despite all my big talk my eyes were waaaaay bigger than my head, and I had had an “elegant sufficiency” (Granny-speak for “full”). I actually listened to my body for once, and packed the other half away (but not before biting the butt off and making sure I really didn’t want it!).


I had my last TJ’s Greek yogurt (which expires today, and that’s a date I’m not going to mess around with).


I had a little coffee in class, but I put a lot of skim milk in it and I’m so tired that I’m not too worried about it keeping me up. I also had a homemade chocolate chip cookie that someone brought in.


And later (mindless eating alert), this Sesame Raisin Bora Bora bar that Hope sent in my Secret Cupid package. When they say sesame, they MEAN sesame! There were so many seeds, and it totally changed the texture into this bomb-a-licious crunchety thing that’s not like any other bar I’ve ever had. Mi-T-Fine, if I do say.


Well kiddos, sorry about this long-winded post… I don’t have class tomorrow or Friday so they should be more regular. Hope your Wednesday has been splendid!

Bonne nuit 🙂

P.S. Check out Meghann’s blog for a chance to win some great workout gear!


5 responses to “Curried Tofu, if you please!

  1. That dish IS a work of art!! Fabulous!!

    Mmm, love the jar of dried fruits and the AB 🙂

    Enjoy your days off from classes!!

  2. Love the way your include your mind with your meals. Are those poetry books? Novels?

    what are you listening to these days?

  3. awesome dinner girlie! hope you have a great day ❤

  4. Oh I hate school induced brain mush 😦 No fun!

    I’ve had the cinnamon BoraBora bar but now I’m going to have to find that one – I love me some sesame seeds 🙂

    Happy Thursday!!

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