Junk Food Done Right

My fingers are going to be crossed the whole time I write this… my internet has been PATHETIC all night, so I hope I get this up!

I did a produce shop today and had a Gala apple when I came back.


I wasn’t really in the mood for the gym today (although, once again, I was already in my workout clothes and had my bag pack! I’m so silly), so I did a Yoga Download instead.  I thought I was doing one of the 50 minute classes, but none of the moves were matching up with the ones on the chart.  Turns out I was doing Detox Flow #1 instead, which I love, but would rather have had a longer session! Oh well.

I did a lot of cooking tonight, during which I enjoyed a small gin & diet tonic with lime juice. I don’t have class on Fridays, so it’s the weekend for me!


In addition to making dinner for tomorrow (it’s steeping in its juices overnight) I made something I’ve been craving for so long: pizza. When I was at Whole Foods today, I bought a big ball of their multi-grain pizza dough.

I divided the ball in half, hand-tossed it pizzaman-style, and brushed the dough with olive oil and minced garlic. I baked it at 475˚ for about 10 minutes, then  added my toppings: spinach, a sliced tomato, sliced onion, half of a pre-cooked sweet potato, sliced mushrooms, and crumbled goat cheese. I drizzled some more of the olive oil/garlic combo on top, and popped it back in the oven for about 10 more minutes until the crust was crispy.


I had two slices, which I topped with salt, pepper and chili flakes.


And, of course, I went back for one more slice. Too good!

For dessert, I had a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich with almond butter smeared on top. Combination made in HEAVEN… don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before!


Well, I’ve got to finish a book before I let myself go to sleep. Have a nice night!


9 responses to “Junk Food Done Right

  1. I’ve been having a pizza craving, too. Yours looks yummy.

  2. omg, i need to stop being so lazy with dinner! that pizza looks amazing, so does the dessert. yum!

  3. That pizza looks killah!!! Homemade dough or almost homemade dough is SO good, and I love your toppings.

    Ice cream and almond butter! I am drooling all over myself.

  4. Yoga + sweet potato pizza = DIVINE!!

  5. Your dinner and ice cream just killed me. Delish!!

  6. love the looks of your homemade pizza- IMPRESSIVE 🙂

  7. that pizza looks sooo good girl!

    hope your weekend is off to a good start. ❤

  8. Sweet potato on a pizza! I love it!

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