Freaky Friday

I had no idea it was Friday the 13th! I should be watching something totally scary instead of reading Po-Mo Af-Am lit. Oh, if only!

This afternoon, I had one of my truffles: Caramel Pecan.  It didn’t have any gooey caramel, rather the flavor was mixed in with the ganache. Mm-mm-good!


For dinner I had the rest (2.5 slices… .5 got stuck to the pan and was lost in the battle) of my pizza.


After a couple bites, I realized I wanted to add a little something to it, so I heated up a little tomato basil marinara sauce for dipping. I think there should be more dipping in life, don’t you?


I also had a small bowl of FF plain yogurt with Fiber One and honey.


A couple hours later I had my new favorite: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich with almond butter. Fan-TAB-ulous.


As for now, Toni and I have a hot date. Rockin’ Friday night!!!


Hope you’re having a great night!


6 responses to “Freaky Friday

  1. Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches totally rock!

    Cool blog!

  2. We are all about the dipping in this house!

    Glad your Friday the 13th wasn’t creepy.

  3. That caramel pecan truffle sounds like the bundt cake variety I baked 😀

    Happy V-Day!!

  4. I totally meant to watch a scary movie or something, but I ended up passing out at like 10 last night. Oh I live such an exciting life! haha.

  5. OMG girl! If you like almonds/chocolate go over to that store where you saww those little babies and snatch ’em up!

  6. seems like friday the 13th had nothing on you! great yummy eats! oh, and have a great valentines day!

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