Stew(ed) for thought

Heya and happy Friday! Sorry about the lack of breakfast post… I fell back to sleep right after I ate it (yes, I had breakfast in bed, don’t judge!). I had leftover banana flax oatmeal and stirred in mixed nuts (hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans), frozen berries warmed to perfection, and agave.


After said nap, I had this apple on the way to meet Katey for coffee.


At Coffee News, I had a 16 oz skim dark chocolate mocha. The barista was totally in his element, and not only did he give me TWO punches (next drink is F-R-E-E), but he jazzed up the foam with a pretty little design.


I went to the gym, and had a pretty good workout that was all over the place.

I started on the bike (3.5 miles, then after a mile on the treadmill my calves were feeling really stiff, so I moved it over to the stairmaster and did 10 minutes.

Also did some arm machines, abs, and stretches.

Total time: 1:17 hours

Maximum heart rate: 175 (88%)

Average heart rate: 127 (64%)

Calories burned: 500 (I like ending on a nice, round number)

When I came home, I found a box of Legacy Chocolates waiting for me! My parents ordered me a truffle variety for Valentine’s Day… I can’t wait to try them! Thanks guys!


Lunch was superb; I’m glad I let it stew overnight. I made Cholent from Veganomicon, which I’ve had my eye on for quite some time! I halved the recipe, made a couple substitutions including some bean swappage (cannelloni for lima) and half sweet potato instead of all white.

Do you always dig out the brown spots in potatoes? There are so many!


This was such a good stew. It’s hearty but low fat, and has so many different flavors and textures!


I used some Lavash bread to “scoop” it, but I microwaved it for a little bit too long so it was kind of crunchy.


I also had a navel orange and a coconut water that Hope sent me.



Time to shower and nap work. Have a great day! What are your Valentine’s Day plans? I’m pretty sure I’ll be home doing work. It’s what all the cool kids will be doing, dontcha know?!


10 responses to “Stew(ed) for thought

  1. Ow! I wish I had gotten in some extra sleep today- I’m jealous 😉 That coffee place sounds AWESOME! And yayy for the extra punch 🙂 Your stew and the valentine’s day gift look awesome. I never pick the brown spots out of tatos and I eat brown spots on apples too..I’m a weirdo ;). Valentine’s day plans= out with my parents and Josh 🙂

  2. SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. Oh man:
    1. I love falling asleep after breakfast. My tummy is all full and happy, it’s wonderful 🙂
    2. Dang girl, that mocha is amazing
    3. Fabulous package from the rents!
    4. Any meal that you can scoop up gets 10 extra points in tastiness
    5. It is what the cool kids are doing because I’m doing that too!

  4. Oh, that stew looks like just what I need today since I am not feeling too hot! Yum!
    How sweet of your parents to give you truffles for V-Day!!! Lovely.
    My Valentine’s Day plans are coming home after work and putting in a pizza and baking with a friend 🙂
    Have a great night!

  5. Yay for truffles! 🙂

  6. What an exciting cuppa joe, I love those legit coffee houses that put the extra time into each cup, fabulous 🙂
    Tomorrow, I will probably be eating cupcakes, good excuse right? no? yes?

  7. mmm pretty mochas and truffles=awesome day!

    oh, and guess what! My little sister is looking at colleges and Macalester is at the top of her list! Do you like it? Any chance you want to give her a tour when she comes to visit? haha–i already warned her how cold it is!

  8. girl, you know I have NO plans for valentines, doesnt it suck to have a boyfriend so far away?! I AM working and i think im going to see a scary movie with a friend though, so I guess that counts. Hope you have a great v-day ❤

  9. make a search bar for your blog like you had on the old one…PLEASE!!! 🙂

  10. breadandwithit

    Good luck with your work. With cool coffee bars, good food, and HUGE INCENTIVE, you’ll surely succeed.

    Guess what? There’s a Friday, March 13 too.

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