Sweatin’ For Sanity

Sorry about the unsavory title, but it’s descriptive!

I got these lover-ly valentines from my mama today. She always finds the most unique cards.


I went to campus to study and eat lunch… there were egg whites and honey wheat English muffins today, so it was a success.


I also had a MONSTER bowl of fruit. It felt like it weighed two pounds! In it was canteloupe, grapes, honeydew and strawberries, drizzled with yogurt and a scoop each of Grape Nuts and granola.


A couple hours later, I whipped out the Chocolate Cashew JoJo Bar that Hope sent.


It was so thin! I love the shape.


I don’t have much experience with raw foods, but after tasting this I want to try some more. I had about 1/5 of the bar… I’m going to see if i can be creative and cook some things with the rest! (I know, that sounds a little counterintuitive.)

So, on to my workout. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately, and there are really only a few things that will help calm me down: yoga, exercise, and deep breathing (the latter is kind of a constant thing). I always feel better when I get some kind of cardio in, no matter how short it is.

Stairmaster: 20 minutes

Treadmill: 2.o miles + .2 mile cooldown

Total time: 47:13

Average heart rate: 156 (78%)

Maximum heart rate: 184 (92%)

Calories burned: 452

I felt so much more relaxed afterwards, which I knew would happen (there’s only so much time a person can spend in a chair), it’s just a matter of getting myself out the door to do it.

I just came home and had one of the grapefruits that I pilfered from the cafeteria. They’ve been so good recently!


In other news, I was soooo relieved that my Secret Valentine finally got her package! Emma, over at English Vegan, lives in England (obviously), so although I sent it early it just got there yesterday! Mmm, I wish I were in England right now… Anyway, thanks again to Lee for organizing the exchange. She put so much time and effort into connecting bloggers and making this holiday so much richer!

Well, I’m off to get my sweaty booty in the shower. Enjoy your romantic, platonic, or solo nights! I’m flying solo tonight, although there may be some virtual chatting going on… that’s how I roll.

Edited to add: Check out Erica’s blog for a chance to win Country Bob’s BBQ sauce… this stuff is ALL over the blog world!


7 responses to “Sweatin’ For Sanity

  1. Great eats and card from Mom!! 🙂

  2. P.S. – is that bar really raw?? I thought it has whey protein in it..

  3. I’m catchin’ up…ready?!
    1. Caramel pecan truffle = yums! There should DEF be more dipping in life 🙂
    2. I love your shot of pills aka vitamins!
    3. Cute card from the madre! That bowl of fruit/yogi is divine
    4. Why have I never seen this bar before?! Sounds perfect!!

  4. Cute card from your mom!

    Enjoy your night!

  5. yayyyy thanks for the post listing! Sorry you’ve been stressed! Glad the yoga is helping. I want a giant bowl of fruit- that looks incredible…beautiful mix 😉 Have a good night chicky

  6. woah! I have never heard of a jojo bar! sounds delicious

    great looking fruit!

  7. You’re so smart figuring out how to ease the stress. Happy Valentine’s Day. Those who love you are just an arrow’s flight away.

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