Dip a little bit more


My friend brought these back from Cabo... Mexico sounds pretty nice right now!

Good evening! This is going to be very quick (I’ve definitely been making that disclaimer a lot recently!) because I have a never-ending pile of work to do.

Dinner was filling and delicious: a thick slice of polenta and leftover Cholent.


I used some BBQ sauce to dip and slather; this was a great combination and I didn’t end up using any table salt!


After I did some more work, I had a bowl of dried fruit (figs, dates, apricots and prunes) with almond butter. I’m on such an almond butter kick right now… I’ve almost finished the jar it seems I just bought! The date/AB combination is my favorite by far.


My whole dinner was unintentionally 100% vegan! Interesting… veddy veddy interesting.

Back to Latino Poetics… have a lovely night! Bonne nuit 🙂


5 responses to “Dip a little bit more

  1. Nice My Little Pony in the background…haha.

  2. Is that Pinkie Pie?

    What kind of AB are you eating? I’m semi addicted to Mara Natha. I have to make myself have PB instead, sometimes 😉

  3. hahah I was about to say the same thing as everyone else- do I see a My little Pony? Use to LOVE those! Dried fruit and AB…I bet its heaven

  4. Polenta + dried fruit + BBQ sauce (not all together though, haha) = delish!!

    MY LITTLE PONY!!! I totally collected those when I was younger. Nostalgia alert!! 😀

  5. ok just another reason to love you…you have a HUGE pink my little pony sharing your bowl of dates. quite being so damn awesome! haha.

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