I bet I’m the first one to come up with that one, eh? Some people very close to me (cough, cough, you know who you are!) make THE worst pun jokes.  I guess I can’t really judge, since I do it myself!

I loved reading all of your Valentine re-caps; it sounds like everyone had a nice night, even if it was low-key.  You’ve probably figured out that I’m more of a homebody and that’s the best kind of night for me, anyway!

This morning, I had a big bowl of cereal: Fiber One, Kashi Autumn Wheat, and a banana covered with soy milk.


I’m off to go put some gas in Ronnie and fire him on over to my grandparents’ for lunch.  Have a great Sunday!


4 responses to “SunDAZE

  1. No worries – my puns are worse 😀

    Have fun with your grandparents!!

  2. Haha – did you name your car Ronnie? I like it!

  3. i hope ronnie is your car.

    i’m TOTALLY low key—i love it. i wish you lived in boston instead of halfway across the country so we could hang out and be low key together without people calling us lame!

  4. Let’s hear it for the pun, a dark but witty and underappreciated art.You know you can’t resist it. Welcome to the club!

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