The Coast Is Toast


What a silly movie. Enough said.

Dinner was exactly the same as last night’s… sorry, I’m a creature of habit! A slice of polenta with leftover cholent, covered with BBQ sauce.


During the movie, I had a tall Black tea latte from Starbucks- I specified that I only wanted nonfat milk and not the “skinny” syrup… thanks for the tip, Sarah! I also had a pink Starburst and a Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Quaker True Delight bar (which I reviewed here).


Although any of the above items would alone have been dessert enough, I was fantasizing about a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich with almond butter all through the movie, so that’s what I had when I got home.


Thanks again for your tips on getting me to calm down… I really need to chill out and relax, I know!

I hope everyone’s Monday was fantabulous.  Have a great sleep!


5 responses to “The Coast Is Toast

  1. You’re welcome 😉

  2. yum! I need to try a tea latte! I do not like the skinny/sugar free syrups at starbucks either! Fake sugar? no way!

  3. LOVE the dinner – keep eating it!! 🙂

    I need to work on calming down/relaxing too – hang in there!!

  4. good morning dear! hope your having a good tuesday so far!

    I NEED to get some of those ice cream sandwiches, they just look goooood!

  5. Creature of habit?! That’s me to a T, I love seeing your left overs 🙂

    Hope you got LOOOOOTS of rest!

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