Blade Runnings


Good afternoon and happy Saturday! I hope your weekends are going splendidly.  We’ve been treating ourselves quite well in the eating department, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  That’s why this is a vacation!

We had delicious slices of Sicilian pizza for lunch yesterday (and maybe a Diet Coke? Maybe?) from a local pizzeria.


Ari brought back my FAVORITE brand of chocolate from Switzerland… what a nice boy.  I’m saving it for when I go back to school, but you know I nibbled a little before putting it back in the freezer.


I had three squares of this chocolate throughout the day.


Last night, we went to Wiliamsburg to see Ari’s friend’s band, The Forms, play.  We were a little early, so we went to The Charleston for 32 oz/$3.50 draught beers.


We always play the bar games!

At the show a couple hours later, we each got PBRs… they were 2/$5, so who can pass up that deal?!


I have been dying to go to Bonita for fish tacos since this summer.  Ari used to go here all the time when he lived in Brooklyn, and I’m so glad he introduced me to it. I’m a little obsessed now, though, and always want to go when I’m home!

I started with a small bowl of corn soup. It was so broth-y and flavorful, I probably could have just had a big vat of this for dinner!


But, of course, I would have missed out on the deliciousness that is Bonita fish tacos.  They’re just little soft tacos filled with battered fish, lime, cilantro, onion and lettuce, with some kind of delicious sauce on top.  Could not be better.


This morning, we went back to (surprise!) the diner for brunch.


We’ve never done the “full” brunch, which comes with an “adult beverage” of choice, but this morning we decided to celebrate and got Bloody Mary’s.  Hey, it’s Saturday!


Ari was very excited about his pancakes.


I got eggs benedict with smoked salmon, but didn’t end up having any of the hollandaise sauce.  I had a few home fries, but I was pretty full of liquid and didn’t need to eat too many.


But no, I was not too full for Coldstone.   I used Sinless Cake Batter as a base again, but this time added chocolate shavings, strawberries, and blueberries.  Even healthier!  Protein, fruit, antioxidants.



We’ve already watched three or four movies and just watched Blade Runner. Does life get better than this?

We’re off to have coffee with my friends and then dinner with my parents. Have a lovely evening!


8 responses to “Blade Runnings

  1. soooo many good eats.

  2. Coldstone!! I miss it, girl!

  3. So glad you’re having such a blast at home!! Look at you drinking on a Saturday morning AND having breakfast dessert!! Wild child!

  4. what a fun time!!! the soup is totally something I would order :]
    I looooove your blog too. Super great!

  5. Looks like your weekend is off to quite a good start!

  6. Fish Tacos…I haven’t had good ones in a long time. Sounds so good right now too!

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