Orange you glad I didn't say "banana"?

Lunch today was very orange.  I made Annie’s Mac & Cheese with a whole can (2 servings, I just figured out… whoops) of tuna and a little yogurt. It wasn’t cheesy enough, so I mixed in half of a Laughing Cow Light wedge.  I also sprinkled on some chili flakes for a little more kick.


For dessert, Betty and I shared an orange.


I need to get my booty on down to the gymnasium and work this funk OUT of my system.  In case it’s not abundantly obvious, I don’t adjust so well after a vacation (however small) back into my daily routine.  So, hopefully I can sweat some of the bad feelings out of my system and arrive at my night class perky and refreshed.

Enjoy the rest of your day!


5 responses to “Orange you glad I didn't say "banana"?

  1. Adjusting after vacation is so hard! I hope you feel more in the swing of things soon.

  2. LOVE amy’s mac n’ cheese. so much better than kraft!

  3. Chili flakes AND LC? Divine!! I always used to add tobasco sauce to mine 😉

    Oh and my new header – definitely thought of you when I put the Paris pictures on there!

  4. yum i love chili flakes on everythingg 🙂

  5. I love mac & cheese!

    Hope your workout helps! I understand those funks completely.

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