Put away that calculator

Good evening bloggies! I hope everyone has gotten through today in one piece. Mondays are loooooong!

I finally heeded Papa Veggie’s advice and got my tush out the door for coffee and exercise around 4.

I picked up a couple double grande nonfat chai lattés (say that ten times fast) and brought them over to Sarah’s for some girly time. Espresso really makes chai so much better (and your brain so much more… effective!)… it’s a little spicy, and not so sweet.


I didn’t end up having much time at the gym, but obviously my lady champions over sweating and reality TV. I accidentally turned off my HRM before I was ready, but here are my rough stats:

20:00 bike

1.0 mile run

300 calories burned

The football team was stretching on the mats and I really didn’t have time to wait, so I did some quick upright stretches and figured my abs can wait until tomorrow to start their downward sag.

Monday and Wednesday nights are complete tests of time management, a field I do not excel in. I prepped my Gliding Calm tofu, put the spinach in the pot and stabbed my sweet potato (maybe a little too aggressively… sorry Mrs. Potatohead!) before I got into the shower so I saved a little time. I’m going to be honest and tell you that the spinach was a little slimy, but who notices that when it’s all steamed up? Okay, maybe the funk-tastic smell that wafted out when I took the top off the pot, but oh-ho! Enter Mr. Rice Wine Vinegar, and that problem is solved. Yes, don’t worry, I’m a little disgusted with myself, too.


My dad surprised me with a subscription to the New York Times today, so I caught up on some recent tragic events during dinner.


Class tonight almost made me cry. Well, not really, but we had to do math, I’m an English major for a reason. If there are any high schoolers reading this, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will save your life: the pass/fail option. Glorious.

When I came home, I had a square of the chocolate Ari brought back.


I also had a cup of Lemon Zinger tea and four Almondina cookies.


There’s still a little work left to be done before bed, so I wish you very sweet dreams. Night night!


7 responses to “Put away that calculator


    No worries, girl – I’ve already had nervous breakdowns/crying spells in my classes this semester 😦

    Good luck today!!

  2. i love almondina cookies!!

    i can handle complex math but it’s the basics that i can’t deal with (umm long division–WHAT?) so when one of my econ professors this semester told us that we aren’t allowed to use a calculator i basically lost it. Me and fractions do NOT get along

  3. I was a pr major and when our class had to do math for media buys we all basically freaked out and failed that part of the exam. It’s hysterical the way some people will avoid math!

  4. For some strange reason I always LOVED math, I even considered it as a major. I know, nerd right?!

  5. What are almondina cookies?

  6. Sweet potato and tofu = be still my heart!!

    Have a faaaaaabulous Tuesday!

  7. Your dinner looks absolutely delicious!

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