Here I come to save the day!


He was such a good mouse… whatever happened to him? I used to have a Mighty Mouse cup that I loved but would only use on “special occasions” when I was little. It was paper so it’s probably not with us anymore, so to speak… eBay, here I come!

I brought coconut water and pretzel thins to school for a snack today. I only ended up eating the pretzel thins, though.


Step Aerobics was really fun today! I’ve been feeling some pain in my leg for the last couple days, but I hope that’s just a little Hi! Just wanted to let you know I’m still here and a part of you, so don’t abuse me type of thing. Fingers crossed…

Time: 39:32

Maximum heart rate: 191

Average heart rate: 161

Calories burned: 400

I came home and, although I could have scrounged around and cooked something fresh(ish), I was really craving a frozen dinner. Yes, craving! I had this Lean Cuisine meal:


Now, Lean Cuisine, we have to talk. You do an amazing job with what you have to work with (time, calorie, and cost restraints) but could we have just a few more vegetables? They’re cheap! They freeze well! I promise it’s a good idea. Until then, I will just add my own.


I think I’ve had this before; it was actually really good. With all the broccoli I added (we may have a fiber problem later on), as well as fresh lemon juice, black pepper and chili flakes, I could almost believe that someone had just prepared it.


And, as usual, I drank that broccoli juice. Mmm. I realize it’s bright green and looks like it’s smoking, but it’s not poison, I swear!


I also had my last Pink Lady apple.


A few hours later, I had dried figs, dates and prunes with almond butter. I could eat these with every meal!


And, finally, I came home to THE nicest surprise today. The lovely Emily over at The Life and Times of Emily gave me this pretty blog award! Emily is one of the sweetest and most supportive girls I’ve been lucky enough to have met since starting the blog. We are so lucky to have this community! Thanks Emily!!!


Anyway, on to the yuck stuff (homework) so I can get to sleep on time. I’m going to get in bed by 11 regardless of how much I get done so that I can try to get back onto a decent schedule.

I hope you’ve had a very happy Tuesday. Bonne nuit!


12 responses to “Here I come to save the day!

  1. I agree, some Lean Cuisines are really good! They could use a little more veggies though. 🙂 I’ve never seen anyone drink broccoli water!

  2. whoa, you drink the broccoli water? intense! i used to drink the juice from the pickle jar when i was really young, so i can relate!

  3. I always add extra veggies when i eat frozen meals too, and I totally agree with you that lean cuisine should consider taking on this task themselves.

    Broccoli water?! girrrlll i dont know. BUT I will try it, heck, why not?! haha

    Hope you reach your goal of bed by 11 and have a wonderful night my dear. ❤

  4. Sometimes I crave frozen meals too! They are never big enough!

    Congrats on the blog award.

  5. Love those pink ladies. They’re such a mystery. They come from nowhere to brighten our lives in FEBRUARY (!!??) and then vanish for another year. What is their story and how did they get that great name?

    Caotina in a Mighty Mouse cup sounds very good to me right now.

  6. You are too cool drinking the broccoli swill. I dump my yogurt juice out every other day when I make my Greek yogurt…do you want it? 😉

  7. breadandwithit

    I guess if you and Emily can drink or at least try broccoli water, I can too. Wish me luck.

    Watch out for that pain in your leg. Call you doc and ask for advice. The very last thing you want for the end of your senior year of college, which is also the beginning of Real Life, is another couple of months on crutches. Or Surgery. Or something even worse and more permanent.

    A word to the wise.

  8. Love Might Mouse!! 😀

    Hang in there with the leg pain!!

  9. Glad you’re still lovin step. I hope the random leg pain goes away! That lean meal does look super good-I would def add the extra veggies too!! Hope you have a good Wednesday

  10. i couldn’t agree with you more about the Lean Cuisines. They’re really good overall but they just NEED MORE VEGGIES. I’ve never tried that flavor before but next time my store has a 5/$10 you better believe I’m picking it up. The “Spa Cuisine” line is my favorite though!

  11. screw mighty mouse- what ever happened to Under Dog?!

    Kelly Turner

  12. Do you remember Under Dog?! I think that’s what it was called – he was my number one!!

    I always wonder why companies don’t beef up their products with veggies. It’s so easy!! Broccoli juice?? Never would have considered that 🙂

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