Dinner at Noon

Lunch today was usually something I’d have for dinner, but it was either this or something out of the freezer and I just couldn’t bring myself to have two in a row. So instead I had a blogger-inspired meal: leftover Gliding Calm tofu, a sweet potato with honey and B&B, and Kashi Original pilaf from my Secret Valentine.


I also had the coconut water I neglected yesterday, also from SV.


Until I hear back from the orthopedic clinic, I’m probably not going to do anything too intense, exercise-wise. As my mom pointed out, surgery would be just about the WORST thing to have right now! So I’ll probably just do some yoga later this afternoon between classes… I could use some more Om in my life, anyway.

Also, you should eat like me (hehe) and head on over to Mara’s blog for a chance to win some chocolate… and I’m going to head on over to my fridge for a truffle!

See ya later, peekaboos!


8 responses to “Dinner at Noon

  1. I just ate a sweet potato for lunch too!! 😀

  2. Sweet potatoes and yoga 🙂

    Have a great day, my love!

  3. I’m glad. Take care of the bod, girl!
    That’s a great lunch! I’m into a heavier lunch and a lighter dinner – in theory! I never do it though! Why?

  4. Delish dinner for lunch 🙂 Can’t go wrong with that plate!! Glad you’re taking care of yourself – surgery wouldn’t be the best at all!

  5. Hi there! That coconut water looks extremely interesting. I’m not a dried coconut fan, but the juice I can do. Is it any good? hehehe

    I had a question! Looking back a few posts, I noticed you had a lean cuisine baked fish. are you vegetarian? or a flexitarian? (I think i’m just confused cuz i assumed you were vegetarian from you blog name!)

  6. coconut water sounds so interesting!
    love the tofu!

  7. Take care of yourself!

    I need to try coconut water.

  8. What a great meal! I tried coconut water in the past, but can’t remember how it tasted.

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