Still life with kitty

Hello dollies!

Humpday is upon us again. Strange that just a week ago I was getting ready to go home! Spring break is pretty soon… do I even go to college?

This morning I used up the last of my soy milk and had a big bowl of cereal: Go Lean, Oatmeal Squares and a Weetabix cracker.


Coffee was much appreciated, but I’m almost out of that, too! I should have enough for tomorrow morning, though.


The morning’s been pretty relaxed… some napping reading and spooning with my kitty. Hope you’re having a nice day, too!


5 responses to “Still life with kitty

  1. I miss Weetabix!! 😦

    Happy Wednesday, dear Katie!!

  2. seriously, i can’t believe that it’s almost march! and i said the same thing about february, and january…

  3. Happy Wednesday, Katie! Oh my gosh- when you greeted us with “hello dollies” it totally made me think of Hello Dolly…which made me think of a dance recital when I was around 5 years old we danced to that- red sequins, tulle, completed with feathers in our hair…i wish i could still fit into that costume..haha!
    i can’t believe how fast time is flying too…it’s almost March! Eek!
    have a fabulous day 🙂 love.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful morning!

  5. My spring break starts Monday – hooray! Oh Weetabix how I need to buy you one of these days!

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