Eating out and long lost flights

Good morning, beauties! I hope you have all had a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l sleep.  Other than massacring my legs (I scratch while sleeping… weird, huh?) I slept pretty well, thank you!  Let’s backtrack to yesterday, though, while my fuzzy brain can still remember.

I ran a nice two miles on the treadmill after breakfast. It’s getting easier and easier, and one of these days I’m going to step it up to 3 miles (crazy talk, I know!), which I haven’t done since my injury.  I alternated between an easy jog at 5.6 and some 6.5 sprints. These were fun! It was also my first experience with Giada on TV, so that made it a lot more fun.

After my run, I did the exercise cards from this month’s SELF.


These are great for a total-body workout that doesn’t require any equipment! The “models” are also wearing my sneakers, so I felt pretty special.

Total time: 46:17

Maximum heart rate: 197 (99%)

Average heart rate: 155 (78%)

Calories burned: 444

My mid-morning snack was a Gala apple and some almonds.


We went to Black’s Ford for lunch. I love this place, but they’re not open on Sundays which is when I usually see my grandparents. What a treat!

They perfectly foamed my skim cappuccino.


I was going to be virtuous and get a soup and salad, but the black bean burger sounded really good and the chef told me it was delicious. Have to trust the chef! It was covered in jack and cheddar cheeses. I only ate half the bun and a couple chips.


After lunch, my dad and I decided to get my grocery shopping out of the way so my mom wouldn’t have to do it when she got here.  I had some cheese samples (x 2):


Half of this salmon sample (it wasn’t very good):


We found this big bag of dates for only $3.75!  They were a little dry, but still tasty.  I wonder if I could plump them up in water or something…


I’ve been looking forward to dinner at Heidi’s all week, and it did NOT disappoint.

I sipped on a glass of chianti throughout the meal… see, I can change! I don’t have to be a white wine kind of girl all the time.


The bread was simple, but excellently salted which really makes all the difference. Scrumdiddlyumtious.


To start, I ordered the Smoked Rhode Island diver scallops on a garlic palette with mustard seed vinaigrette.  Sweet Lordy, but I could have just ate these all night!


This is a little clearer… the palette was creamy and almost cheesy and really made the dish.


For my entrée, I (and half the table) ordered the Steamed Scottish salmon with snow crab stuffing, a passion fruit reduction, sage foam and purple potato puree. Heaven.


I ate about 60% because I was saving room for this queen: It’s called, appropriately, Pure Chocolate: Chocolate sorbet with a sliver of chocolate cake and chocolate sauce.


I’m not usually a sorbet fan but this was truly unbelievable.  It was so rich, and clearly made with the finest quality chocolate.

My poor mama’s flight was delayed THREE hours, so she didn’t get in until 2 AM. My dad and I went to see a movie while we waited (The Reader… loved). When we got out, the theater was closing and we noticed a sad bag of popcorn all bagged up.  The concession stand clerk let us have it; we thought it would make my mom happy after her flight from hell.


Santa's coming back to town, kids!

I had an apple when I got home before bed.


Time for breakfast! I might sacrifice my workout for family time today… some things are more important than others.  Have a wonderful Saturday!


5 responses to “Eating out and long lost flights

  1. holy popcorn! that’s so funny

    delayed flights are the worst. ugghh. I actually had a dream last night that i was at the airport and my flight was cancelled and a whole bunch of other random things happened that i won’t bore you with. I have the strangest dreams! Now that I’m writing this I just realized that I didn’t take any melatonin or other sleep aids last night and had bizarre dreams but when I do take them I don’t dream as much. Know anything about this? Do dreams happen more in lighter sleep than deep sleep? I need to do some investigating!

  2. Great run and eats!!

    Yep!! Soak the dates overnight in a bowl filled with water – they’ll plump up.

    3 hour delay??? Ick 😦

  3. The Reader was absolutely INCREDIBLE! I couldn’t stop crying all day long!

  4. i am jealous of your popcorn score. movie theater popcorn is so much better for some (buttery? salty? mystery chemical?) reason. i hope your mommy was pleasantly surprised!

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