Early Exit

Happy Sunday!  We still have a few hours of the weekend left, so I hope your morale is stellar.

This morning, my mom made us some scrambled eggs.  This is her go-to sick food, lazy dinner, out-of-groceries food, etc.  I can never get my eggs to taste like hers… because not only does she use butter (I don’t even know if we have any in the fridge here) but she has that inimitable mother’s touch.  (Hi Mom!)


Baguette with jam/ marjarine and fruit  (x 2):


The Veggiepatch clan does not mess around with breakfast.  Look at all the different types of jellies and honeys!


We decided to go see Rachel Getting Married (because I goofed up the theaters… we’d meant to see Milk!) and went to Starbucks and Breadsmith to kill some time before the movie.  I got a tall coffee (which my mom accidentally poured whole milk into… I’m still alive) and split a mini chocolate babka roll.


We wandered into a cooking store, where they were sampling all different kinds of olive oils and vinegars. I had a little piece of bread with a v-e-r-y flavorful EVOO.


Then my dad got a call from the airline saying their flight had been canceled due to weather… he managed to get them on another flight but it was leaving three hours earlier so we had to skip the movie and go straight to the airport.  Sad, but I’m glad they got on the flight… they just are not lucky at all with flying this weekend!

I came home to this box from Diana over at POM Wonderful.  I LOVE this stuff, and I’m very excited to incorporate it into some recipes. Thank you, POM!


I unloaded all my groceries while deciding what to have for lunch.


Dairy & Protein


Grains & Carbs... the English muffins were on sale so I ended up with three packages!


Nuts, figs, canned things & other miscellaneous goodies.


Fresh produce!

I made a salad with romaine, grape tomatoes, onion, a Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger (dinner is going to be something “California”-themed from Veganomicon, to give you a hint!) and a Laughing Cow Light wedge.


A juicy navel orange (it is so nice to have fruit again!):


With some Annie’s Woodstock dressing for dipping.


It’s always hard to get back on track after a vacation(ish), but this was a pretty filling lunch.  I toasted the burger like I saw Sarah do with a patty and Miss Gliding Calm do with tempeh… great idea, but it doesn’t work so well with these soft burgers! It was almost a disaster, but only a tiny piece crumbled to the bottom of the toaster.  I have to make sure I remember it’s in there the next time I use it!

My friends I was with in Paris and I decided to have a Sisterhood of the Traveling ______ type thing so we can keep and touch and think about each other, even when things get crazy and we may not have time to talk on the phone.  I got a sweater in the mail (modeled by Jack, my favorite green monster) from my friend Lindsay today… can’t wait to see what adventures I have in it!


Well, the long weekend is coming to a close and it’s back to reality (there goes gravity! Yes, I’ve seen 8 Mile about 5 times, big dork that I am) and school life. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the day!


8 responses to “Early Exit

  1. ahaha wow so much to talk about!

    1) love the breakfast spread of jams and honey and bfast condiments!

    2) yes, mama’s touch can’t be BEAT

    3) gotta try the Dr. P veggie burgers

    4) that grocery shop is AWESOME- hurray for on sale E muffins

    5) love that you do a traveling sweater thing- that’s SO cool!!

    6) omg 8 mile. totally wouldn’t have expected you to like that movie! hilar!!


  2. I haven’t tried POM yet, but i hear its great!

  3. the traveling sweater thing is SUCH a great idea! i want to steal it! (the idea—not the sweater). except maybe the sweater too ; )

  4. Mom eggs are always the best, probably because of the butter! I just add milk.

    I love the sweater idea. Such a nice thought. 😀

  5. What an awesome idea for the ssweater, love this!!!

    Also, what a kick ass spread, like I’ve said before… Your fam is LEGIT! : )

  6. thanks so much for your sweet comment 🙂

    and mix some of that pom with seltzer! it’s SO GOOD

  7. Yeah for POM! Glad you got to spend some fun time with your parents, but sorry they had to leave early.

  8. I love your breakfast made by mama 🙂 And yay for POM! That’s so exciting!!!
    I wonder how an Amy’s veggie burger would work in the toaster- those are super soft too.
    Have a great night, my love!

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