A Cool Kid at last!

You’ll have to forgive my enthusiasm, but I FINALLY found these guys at the grocery store near my grandparents’ house!


I had a quick workout before class today. I’d been planning on trying for 3 miles, but I hadn’t done arms (or abs, for that matter… whoops) in a while so I just ran 2 and then did some machines.

Treadmill: 2.0 miles @ 5.6 and 6.5 mph, +.2 mile cooldown


Maximum heart rate: 193 (97%)

Average heart rate: 171 (86%)

Total time: 32:57

Calories burned: 371

Lunch was Tofurky, hummus, lettuce, tomato and mustard on an Arnold’s Sandwich Thin.


I also had an organic Braeburn apple (the organic was cheaper than the regular!).


When I got home from class, I heated up one of my Chocolate Chip Pomegranate Protein Bars. Even better warm (big surprise there!).


Chocolate Chip Pomegranate Protein Bar

I debated on whether to have this now, since I’ll be eating dinner in less than 2 hours, or later as dessert, but walking around with this in my purse all day made me very anxious to have it.

Time to study for my Geocinema test (my prof remarked last week that she saw a lot of “pass/fail faces” when she mentioned studying for it… priceless).  Have a lovely evening!


5 responses to “A Cool Kid at last!

  1. ….AND????? you forget to tell us what you thought of the sandwich thins! Personally I think they’re like the best (won’t wreck your figure) carb invention of life besides Rudi’s bagels.

  2. Do you like ’em?! I enjoy them but sometimes they can be a little flimsy for my tastes. Good luck studying!!

  3. man! I am sooo jealous! I STILL can not find those things anywhere. Im so out of the cool kid loop 😦

  4. Yeah for getting some Thins!

    I really enjoyed the protein bars heated up too! They also taste good crumbled up on top of oatmeal!

  5. MAN I want that protein bar – holy yum.

    Good luck with the studying!!

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