James and the Giant Cat


Good evening, lovepies! If you were hit by the blizzard, I hope you’re all cozy and warm inside. We might get some snow on Thursday and Sunday, but I hope not! I’m ready for Spring, and I would LOVE to leave my winter coat at home when I fly back next week.

Dinner tonight was the rest of my Pasta Della California. I added some crumbled feta and tomatoes and it was just as good as last night’s.


During my test, I drank this POM juice. I know a lot of you have been mixing it in with seltzer, but I really like it “straight”! Of course, if I had seltzer, I would probably do that, too.


For dessert, I had a bowl of 100 calorie lemon yogurt with muesli and some dark chocolate.


I also just had a Braeburn apple. (I can’t un-center it… sorry, Charlie!)


Now I’m snuggling with this guy and watching Giant (a mere 3 hours and 20 minutes long). He’s a good fuzzy buddy when I don’t have my squeeze… and pretty nice when I do!


Oh, and before we say goodnight, Emily is giving away a BPA-free water bottle. Say no to drinking toxins!

Have a lovely evening!


9 responses to “James and the Giant Cat

  1. ooo I want to make that pasta, I’ve got the cookbook too… cute cat! and I don’t even like cats that much, haha

  2. You’ve got a cat in your eye!!!

  3. JAMES DEAN!!!!!! Hotness.

    Aww love your cat 🙂

  4. aww cute pic! And speaking of pics, no that is not my ex in the white. I have NO idea who that guy is. haha.

    Hope your having a great day dear <33

  5. Awww cute kitty picture!!

  6. cute kitty! i was hoping to leave my winter coat at home next week too but seeing how there is a foot of snow outside i just don’t see that happening. Sigh.

  7. breadandwithit

    Your titles are fantastic. Did you know JD was a Hoosier?

  8. Pasta looks great! You and your Kittie look so cute snuggling.

  9. Awww. I love the cat picture! So cute.

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