Snoozing in the stacks

Wouldn’t that be nice! I’ve been in the library all morning and I’m fighting to keep my head up.  Must be all the Golden Girls.

I had an apple around 11. It was really good, I just look like a sour puss.


I waited as long as I could to have lunch, but by 12:15 I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I had a navel orange, pomegranate strawberry yogurt, and sandwich with Tofurky, spinach, hummus, mustard and tomato on an Arnold’s Aandwich Thin.


Sorry I forgot to comment on it before, but I really like these thins! I was expecting them to be really light, but they’re nice and doughy and I don’t really feel like I’m eating diet food.  The yogurt, on the other hand (like the mirror effect?) was less than stellar… it was really runny and had sort of imploded into itself when I took off the top. Hmm.  Maybe I’m just spoiled with Greek yogurt.

Anywho, time to nap get ready for class.  Thanks for your funny suggestions on where to find my camera cord… When I looked in the drawer where I keep protein bars, I found my baby carrots!  Still hoping it’ll turn up soon…

Enjoy the rest of your day!


11 responses to “Snoozing in the stacks

  1. Haha!! Love the apple photo 😀

    Good luck with class!!

  2. Once you go Greek, you don’t go back! That’s how I feel at least – regular yogurt just can’t compete against the Greek 🙂

    Cute apple pic, girl!

  3. oh man, that picture just made my day! You look oh so cute!

    I know how you feel with the yogurt, everytime I eat regular yogurt I think its soooo runny, but i think it just is compared to greek yogurt! haha

    still no camera cord?! man! bummer.

  4. yay sandwich thins!

    rudi’s bagels are AWESOME!! they come in a bunch of different flavors but sweet honey wheat and cinnamon raisin are my faves. They’re 2 oz so it’s the perfect size between a mini bagel and a regular one. I have a really hard time finding them though, only 1 WF around here carries them and of course it’s NOT the one within walking distance of my house!

  5. gah! i totally knnow what you mean about misplacing things…i’m queen!! it’ll turn up…at least your sando was good!

  6. cleanveggiex3

    ahaha LOVE the apple photo
    sorry it was such a bummer!

  7. Glad you like the sandwich thins! I think they’re so satisfying for 100 cals.

  8. Greek is the Best!

  9. did you check the garbage? many’s the time I found the carrot peeler in the garbage. . . .i know what you mean about the pomegranate yogurt– that brand is thin and chalky

  10. You are a button.

    Thanks for your sweet comment…want to be my agent?

  11. you are so cute Katie! 🙂

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