“Intuitive” what?

After reading so much about “intuitive eating” recently (see Kath’s post on it here), I’ve been trying to incorporate the theory into my daily life.  So far, it has not been an overwhelming success,mostly because, when I am stressed or uncomfortable or anything along those lines, I eat.  I know I’m not the only one to do it, but, to use some popular jargon, I’m trying to be more “mindful” about it.

I was genuinely hungry for my snack this morning, so I had an orange.


My concentration was just off all morning.  I couldn’t seem to buckle down, even though I’d gotten myself out of the apartment and on to campus to do work.  As a result, I’ll be handing in a paper late and probably won’t be as prepared for class as I could be. Blah.

In the cafeteria, I made myself a big mishmosh salad.


Romaine, shredded carrots, beets, tomatoes, chickpeas, cottage cheese, jalepeños, wasabi peas, and pickles with oil and vinegar.

I was actually very full after finishing the salad, but I’d already taken this soup so I didn’t want to waste it.


Spicy tomato and yogurt soup with bulgur.

I tried to slow down (there’s usually a lot of vacuum-action going on) and stopped after about half.

I was pretty full after that, but I had a coconut macaroon and a square of frosted banana cake, which I had also already taken.


The macaroon was really good, but the cake was pretty gross. So, I didn’t need that, but for some reason I just kept eating. WHY? I don’t feel like a pig, because my lunch was pretty wholesome and the desserts were pretty small, I just want to be able to take my time and enjoy my meal.  It’s not like I’ll never eat again!

Anywho, sorry for this strange post, but if you’re trying to practice this yourself, what are you doing to eat more intuitively or mindfully?


7 responses to ““Intuitive” what?

  1. believe me, i know how you feel! sometimes i eat so fast that i can’t even remember doing it. I’m really trying to slow down and savor my meals but i always forget that goal until after i’ve already inhaled my food! grr.

  2. I don’t find this strange at all! To be honest, I’m totally turned off by intuitive eating! I know that is blasphemy, but I need a schedule! I looked at the website last night and was like hmm…not for me dude!

  3. nutritiousisdelicious

    I totally agree! I think blogging helps me eat more mindfully! I savor everything I take a pic of!

  4. I try to “mindfully” eat but alot of times my schedule is so crazy its just easier to eat on a schedule. I think, like you said, eating slowly is something that helps because I tend to be a “plate cleaner” not matter what! haha

  5. mmmm frosted banana bread? I’m so in!

    As far as mindful eating- When I feel like snacking, I drink some water, wait five minutes. If I still want to snack, I snack!

  6. It is hard to eat intuitively when you have a work schedule.

  7. I like the idea, but I tend to land somewhere in the middle. I work well eating by the clock, but i do like to challenge myself as to what exactly I will be eating, and enjoying it through tht eprocess. I definitely shovel it in sometimes though!

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