Lost & Found & Lost Again in Cyberspace

It’s possible that some higher blog being is telling me not to blog; first the cord, then the internet!

Good evening ladies and gentlemAn! I hope your Wednesday has gone beautifully. Mine has been just fine, thank you, grâce à my lovely roommate who found my long-lost cord on top of the fridge next to the recycling box. Yeah, I don’t know either.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?


[Imagine a bag of almonds here… for some reason, my pictures don’t want to upload.]

I went for a 3 mile walk/jog/sprint.  Although I wasn’t running for the whole three miles (there was about .5 miles of walking, in .25 spurts) it was important for me to see the 3.0 on the treadmill screen before I started my cooldown.  One day I’ll be able to do it.

I also did some abs, but the football team was waiting to use the mats so I got self-conscious and surrendered my spot.

Total time: 45:27

Maximum heart rate: 191 (96%)

Average heart rate: 162 (81%)

Calories burned: 462

Anywho, my night class was canceled (the whole campus has some kind of horrible stomach plague… probably what most of you bloggies seem to be coming down with) so I went to an event, for seniors, on interview etiquette.  (What not to wear! Don’t pick your teeth! Don’t bite your food… pop it all in! That’s kind of a weird one, don’t you think? I think it looks like you have bad manners if you’re just cramming food into your mouth with blind abandon.)

Before I left, I was feeling quite hungry so I munched on some carrots.


I had a cup of hot apple cider when I got there. No, it was not hard… everything was of the “soft” variety.


After the presentation, they had us eat things that were particularly difficult (large strawberries… remember, only one bite!), spanikopita triangles (spinach sticks in your teeth) and had even laid out raw scallions by the crudité.  Honestly!


I was hungry, so I went back for a second plate. I had quite a bit of cheese!


When I got home, I was in a bit of a debate with myself about whether or not I was actually hungry.  I didn’t want to eat the big dinner I’d planned on having, so I settled for a PB&J with banana, then read Emily’s blog, and added some raisins and cinnamon.


I broiled it on both sides, and it was perfection. Yum!


Than I had some stress fuel dessert and went to bed pretty soon after.


I don’t know why, but I’ve been having SUCH a hard time getting up recently.  I snoozed for TWO HOURS this morning, and I really can’t afford to do that because I have a French paper to write!

For breakfast, I microwaved egg whites with a Laughing Cow light wedge, a Morningstar farms sausage patty with Russian ketchup, and a Thomas’ Cinnamon Raisin English muffin with B&B, Russian honey and blueberry jelly.


And my morning savior along with some vitamins.


Are any of you doing the SELF Jump Start Challenge? I always start it but end up stopping because it’s so time-consuming… meticulously entering each food into the database.  If you are doing it, do you have any suggestions for me?

Have a great day!


10 responses to “Lost & Found & Lost Again in Cyberspace

  1. Haha that’s great that they gave you difficult-t0-eat food. I have this vision of a bunch of people sitting around in business casual trying to avoid the urge to pick spinach out of their teeth.

  2. Nooo!!! You MUST keep blogging, girl!! I love your posts 🙂

    Your PBJ-Banana sandwich = food porn alert!!

  3. hahah- don’t you love when you misplace something somewhere so weird? One time I apparently was carrying my tv remote with me all around the house and then couldn’t find it? It was in the bathroom…. The PB sammy sounds like heaven!

  4. that’s what MY CORD looks like too! 🙂 cept it has dried red nail polish on it from a spill! oopsies

  5. You know – I was going to tell you to look on top of your fridge next to the recycling bin but I just thought that would be crazy! Soft apple cider’s just not as fun!

    Holy moly that sam is DIVINE! Pure work of art!

  6. breadandwithit

    Hey–you’re already keeping pretty close of track of everything entering your mouth. Why stress out with thee Self thing? Relax, be happy.

  7. I feel the same about the SELF thing. Hmm.
    Yummy breakfast, my love! And last nights dinner- I always look at Emily’s delicious grilled pb & j’s. I must make one 🙂
    Happy Thursday!!

  8. Mmmmm, I am totally craving pb&j!

  9. I had that for dinner last night too! delicious is it not?!
    Im so glad that you found your camera cord, what the heck was it doing on top of the fridge?! haha.

    That is crazy that they cancelled classes because of a stomach bug! It must be really bad, I hope you dont get it!
    Hope your having a grrrreat thursday dear!

  10. Yea!! Happy to hear you found your cord! Great eats also…loved the PB&J with raisins…sounds divine.

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