Pour Some Sugar On Me


Brown sugar, that is!  Here’s a little preview to perk you up:


Carmelized tofu with pecans and Brussels sprouts

This evening I went with my French class to the Walker Art Center to see an exhibit on Tetsumi Kudo.  One nice thing (among others) about being in the Twin Cities is the Walker, and I wish I took more advantage of it.  I’ve only been a handful of times since my freshman year, but it really is an incredible place. Anywho, Kudo’s retrospective was, for lack of better self-expression, so cool. It was sort of like a three-dimensional version of Hieronymus Bosch, but less danse macabre and more Alice in Wonderland.  I was tempted to splurge for a glossy (read: expensive) book of his art, but brains and thriftiness won so I’ll have to settle with Google images.

When I came home, after spending a few minutes “decompressing” (did I mention that I am also an astronaut?) and non-academic reading, I heated up the leftovers from a dinner I made Tuesday night.  I made this recipe once before last summer, after reading about it on Jenna’s blog, and it was, once again, one of the tastiest and most satisfying meals that take less than 15 minutes to prepare. The only changes I made to the recipe were to sub in sesame oil, not use the cilantro (ain’t got none!) and sprinkle a few chili flakes on. I also had a small sweet potato with brown sugar and B&B.


After dinner, Jalene and I went to Cahoots to do some work.  I ordered a skim chai with a shot of espresso… it doesn’t seem to be keeping me awake, though!


When we got back, I had a nice little yogurt bowl:


Greek yogurt with grapes, strawberries & Fiber One

The yogurt I used, The Greek Gods 0%, is probably my least favorite thus far.  Had I not read the label saying it was Greek-style, I would have thought it was just plain ole Dannon.  Fage is my favorite (with Chobani a close second), but it was a lot more expensive and I would rather my parents save the money.

Time to hit the books (or xeroxes, as it is).  I still have this silly paper hanging over my head so I’m afraid it’s going to be a late night! 8 more days until Spring Break…

Have a lovely night!


8 responses to “Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. You are too young and innocent to be quoting Def Leppard 😉

    I love the “flowerbed” picture. Being the foodie I am, I thought, “What a cool cake!”

    I just read your last post about Intuitive Eating, too, and I find that if I dish up a bunch of food for the purpose of picture taking (kind of like you grabbing the desserts) I end up eating past the satisfaction point. Its not like I can’t just go get more if I’m still hungry! There’s definitely a learning curve involved in this process.

  2. Sounds like a great art center!!

    SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!

  3. Yum, that tofu sounds awesome! Def hits all the flavors/textures for satisfaction huh! I like her brussel/apple/tofu salad as well, you should try that when your looking for something else to try!

    Adios amiga!

  4. i’ve made that tofu recipe before and I LOVE IT!! it is what finally turned me into a tofu convert.

    good luck with that paper!

  5. Ok so your title – holmes got put in weights sophomore year of HS. Yes! Me, elbowing up next to the musclemen in school. Everyday that song (your title) would come on so now I always associate it with pumpin’ iron 😉

  6. caramelized tofu….. drool.

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