Sleepy, Snow White's underdog

Good evening my lovelies. Sorry about my lack of lunch presence, but after I finished my paper I just slept the afternoon away. Gosh, I love the weekends.

My tummy started rumbling around 9:30 this morning. That’s what I get for eating breakfast at 7!


I didn’t want to eat until after I’d dropped my paper off on campus, so by the time 12:30 rolled around I was just about ready to eat Betty Ford. Lucky for him I had some Annie’s on hand!


Annie's mac & cheese w/ one can of tuna, peas, chili flakes and a scoop of Greek yogurt

“Dessert” :


Organic Braeburn apple

When I woke from my second sleep nap around 4:30, I was once again ravenous. Larabar to the rescue!


Key Lime Pie Larabar

I almost talked myself out of going to the gym, but I didn’t go yesterday and two days in a row just wasn’t going to fly.

My workout was quick and easy, but it was nice to just do something.

10:00 minutes stairmaster

1.0 miles on treadmill (+ .2 mile cooldown)


Total time: 35:23 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 188 (94%)

Average heart rate: 152 (76%)

Calories burned: 326

I also just did some abs (nothing crazy, just some crunches and two 30-second plank holds) while waiting for the shower. They’ve been feeling very neglected lately!

Aside from the obvious (that I almost never regret the workout once I’ve started), tonight is my college’s Founder’s Day, which means a probably splurge day. It’ll be a much-needed night out for me; this is my first weekend on campus since Valentine’s Day, and I was so swamped with work I didn’t even go out that weekend! So, I am ready to enjoy myself. There’s usually all sorts of ridiculousness that goes on during FD, but there’s always a good story.

I think Jalene and I are going to make a pizza for dinner, and maybe work up some POM-tastic cocktails. Have a wonderful night!


7 responses to “Sleepy, Snow White's underdog

  1. Larabar!!

    Enjoy your pizza dinner!!

  2. I don’t know if I’ve told you this but I adore your cat’s name! Oh and that package of multicolored pens has me jealous!

  3. Enjoy the Founder’s Day events!

    Love all your eats!

  4. Have a fun night! You are right…you deserve it!

  5. heh heh, I notice those assortment of colored pens! I collect those too, and have a whole case of them! what do you use them for?
    oh, and yummy eats today~ enjoy your pizza dinner!

  6. Have fun tonight!

  7. just wanted to say “hello” since I’ve been reading for ages but never commented! So, “hello”!

    Also saw on another blog that you wanted flat-outs- I saw them once in NY in a random independant grocery store on the UWS (Columbus, somewhere around 90th I think). If you are back in NYC soon, the roll-ups from Damuscus Bakeries (sp?) are pretty much identical to flat-outs I *think*. I got mine in Fairway but you can get them in a few places 🙂

    have a fab weekend!

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