Food Coma

OOF.  As soon as I type up this post I’m going to be flat on my back because I am done in.  We had a surprise dinner for my friend Megan’s birthday tonight, and went to our favorite local Ethiopian restaurant.

A couple hours before I left for dinner, I had some dried fruit:


Dried figs, apricots, and a date.

At Fasika, Megan and I split the veggie sampler platter.


This platter was huuuuuge.  I don’t think that I’ve ever split it with just one other person before, and we pretty much licked the plate clean.

We had an extra piece of injera to mop up every last bit.


It was so good, and I don’t regret a single bite.

We went to Grand Ole Creamery for dessert.  Apparently this is a single. A single! This was easily the equivalent of the better part of a pint of Haagen-Daaz.  I got two flavors: half Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and half Grizzly Grumble (chocolate with peanut butter and Oreos).


It was unbelievably tasty (so sweet! so creamy!) but by the time I was halfway finished I thought I was going to be sick.  I kept picking at it and finished it, but I made my friend Max drive my car because I was in such a food daze!

Megan and I posed on the way out.  Here we are “being malt” and “being ice cream.”


Okay, couch-time it is!  I’m taking it easy tonight after yesterday, and I should probably  be starting my school work now anyway.  Have a great night!


7 responses to “Food Coma

  1. Ethopian food, ice cream, dried fruit platter…. HOLY YUM!!

    Haha, love that photo of you two 😀

    Hope you got enough rest!!

  2. Haha! CUTE PIC! Ethiopian food looks like it would be so messy to eat BUT I’m basically 5 years old and eat everything with my hands anyway, I think I’d fit right in!

  3. ahh ethiopian is awesome! sounds great 🙂 glad you had fun with friends!!!

  4. i just had ethiopian food for the first time on Friday night and it was great! we got the veggie platter too!

    i wasn’t a fan of the whole eat with your hands thing though–i feel like i STILL smell like ethiopian!

  5. haha that picture is so cute! my what a lovely malt you make!

  6. great pic!

    I’ve wanted to try Ethiopian food forever- I don’t think there are any Ethiopan restaurants in Scotland (aaaaaand another reason for me to get back to NY ASAP!)

    Now I want some ice cream (despite the snow 😛 )

  7. I have never had Ethiopian before! But it looks like I would enjoy it.
    Haha, your ice cream story reminds me of my ice cream encounter Friday night. I got a peanut butter yogurt with Heath bar on top- similar size to yours and I was so full and felt so sick when I got half way through…but I ate it all! haha it was so good!
    love ya!

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