Our Founding Fathers

Look at me, sleeping the day away and ignoring my blogging responsibilities! Very naughty. Last night was fun, but I got home so late! I’m turning into such a grandmother that staying up past 1 really wipes me out.  Things have changed from freshman year, and probably for the better!

Last night, Jalene and I made personal pizzas.  It looks small, but it was the amount of dough for 1/2 a normal sized pizza, we just didn’t roll it out.


Whole wheat pizza with marinara sauce, spinach, mozzarella, dehydrated tomatoes, 1/2 TJ's salmon patty, black olives & chili flakes.

It was so good! Very doughy, and it gave my stomach the strength it needed for this pomegranate cocktail.


1 part vodka, 5 parts club soda, 2 parts POM juice.

When I got home I was exhausted, but not too tired for cereal! I mixed a bowl of Fiber One and Kashi Autumn Harvest with skim milk, but I didn’t photograph it. Almost like it didn’t even happen!  Cereal has been my go-to late-night snack for years.

This afternoon morning, we woke up and stumbled, bleary-eyed and glasses-clad, to campus for brunch.  I had quite a big meal, but brunch is by far the best meal (and best value) in the cafeteria.


Egg whites with ketchup and 1/2 multigrain bagel wtih cream cheese.


Canteloupe, grapes, honeydew and pineapple.

Flashback to about 10 years ago when these were new in stores!


Reese's Puffs with granola and skim milk.

We were so tired while we were eating (which was probably why I ate so much) that I’m surprised we even made it home.  I went back to bed for 3 hours (Miss Jalene is still snoring away in her room) and then woke up and had an apple with peanut butter.


I’m having dinner out at 6:30 so I probably don’t need much more than that to tide me over, although the dried figs just gave me the eye so I might need to dig into that jar.

Do you have any fun Saturday night things planned, or are you going to laze it up at home?


4 responses to “Our Founding Fathers

  1. Glad you had a fun night!!

    REESE’S PUFFS!!!! Nostalgia alert 😀

    Enjoy your dinner/evening!!

  2. haha i’m the same way—i was up till almost 3 last night and have been in a daze all day today! tonight is definitely a pj + movie night!

  3. REESE’S PUFFS! Homegirl could down a BOX of that in two days – I had mad skills!!

    Glad you let your hair down last night 🙂

  4. Love the Reese’s/granola combo!

    Lazy it up at home! Sounds good to me! 😛

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