Hopping on the train

… the challenge train, that is!  Everyone around the blogosphere seems to be finding interesting new ways to challenge their eating habits, and I’ve decided to join that bandwagon.  Last month, Caitlin’s challenge, “Crap-Free Week,” was particularly, well, challenging!

Based on her overview of CFW here, I’m going to try very hard to adhere to these guidelines.

Yay: Dairy, Fish, Soy, Oatmeal, Grains in “grain-form” (i.e. rice, quinoa, bulgur, etc., but no bread, waffles, pancakes, etc.), Fruit, Vegetables, Nuts, Nut butters, Dried fruit, Beans, Olive oil, Vitamins/ supplements, etc.  Basically, anything fresh or in its near-“original” state.

Nay: Frozen meals, Protein powder, Nutrition bars, Baked goods (cookies, brownies, cakes, breads, etc.), Coffee (I tried this for three days last semester, and nothing catastrophic happened),  Alcohol, Jam/Jelly,  Sugar/honey/syrup, Chocolate, Ice cream, Bottled salad dressings, Canned or packaged soup, Table salt, Cereal/ granola, etc. Nothing that relies on sodium to stay fresh.

I want to clarify that this is not a diet.  I’m not trying to lose weight or change my body in any way, I’m trying to become more educated about my own eating habits and how they affect the way I physically feel.  I will still eat when I am hungry and my meals will be normal-sized.  I’m curious to see which foods I rely on (coffee! chocolate!) and which I can live without.  I’ve also mentioned before that I’ve had some pretty serious issues with energy and the lack thereof.  I started taking iron supplements (which I will continue to take) to try to combat this issue, but it’s possible that it’s related to something else.

I’m going home for Spring Break on Friday, and I know that as soon as I’m there I’m going to want to enjoy my favorite foods, so this is going to be more of an experimental Crap-free Five Days. I think the biggest problems I’ll have is with chocolate and coffee; I’m going to drink caffeinated tea, at least for the first few days.

Did you follow Caitlin’s challenge last month, or any other challenges like this? What did you learn? What tips do you have for sticking with it? I’m not always so great at sticking with things like this, but I hope I can do it. That’s why it’s a challenge! And now that it’s on the internet, I have to hold myself to it.

Enough of that, on to my eats!

This morning I was not happy when my alarm went off an hour early, Daylight Savings Time and all.  Ari’s leaving for Europe today so we were up late watching Golden Girls on iChat, and I just couldn’t fall asleep after that. I pressed snooze until the very last minute, then pretty much just rolled out of bed, brushed my hair and went to see my grandparents for lunch.

I took an orange for the car ride:


Their club is closed for the season, so we went to Sunsets for lunch instead.  I was very tempted to order a coffee, but I stuck with some hot tea instead.


We all ordered the Shrimp and Crab Louie Salad: Mixed greens topped with shrimp, lump blue crab, tomatoes, black olives, egg and fresh lemons. I got the dressings (vinaigrette & poppyseed) which I only just now realized is against CFW. Whoops!  The picture doesn’t do this salad justice, because it was HUGE. There were at least 12 pieces of shrimp, plus all the crab and everything else! I ate all the egg whites and left the yolks, all the crab, and left 5 shrimp… I don’t think I could have finished the whole thing if I tried.


I went to Target on the way home and for once only bought what I went in there to get.  Alexander McQueen is designing for GO International this month, so it’s a good thing they were all out of my size!

When I got home I was starting to feel hungry again, so I had a banana with almond butter.


Even though I am so very tired, I’m going to be a big girl and resist the urge to crawl back into bed and get started on some work instead.  Hope you’re having a happy Sunday!


8 responses to “Hopping on the train

  1. Good luck and enjoy the challenge!! 🙂

  2. crap free five days sounds like it should be very educational! i look forward to following! 🙂

    mmm bananas and nut butters!!!!

    and i love fresh seafood salads! they are the bessssst! and so light! they just “feel” good to eat, ya know?

    take care Katie!

  3. Good luck on the challenge!!

    Target is SO BAD for my wallet! I spent $38 on four things Friday 😦

  4. Good luck with your CF challenge- I know you will do great! I am not sure I could do it…coffee is one of my loves! Break starts on Friday for you? How exciting- you must be thrilled. That shrimpy salad looks incredible!

  5. Im really excited to see how the challenge goes. I have been having issues with low energy, so I will be interested to see if this helps you out any. I just dont know if I could give up my morning cup of coffee!

  6. Good luck with the challenge! I suppose you can say I am challenging myself to cut out processed sugar, I am convinced that it is the reason I have been breaking out lately.

  7. Oh good luck!!!
    Ah, I know about McQueen at Target- the one shoulder black and white dress. I die. Out of stock online…
    That salad looks SO good…so good.
    Have a happy Sunday night!

  8. breadandwithit

    Your pictures are sooo great! I love the orange and the orange and the black watch.

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