You Can Stand Under My Um-b-rella

Actually, yours truly forgot to bring hers today, but I’d let you if I had! That song has been in my head all night.  Probably because it looks like this outside:


I checked the weather in New York, and it’s not going to be tropical like the climate you Texans and Floridians are enjoying, but it’s going to be in the 40s and 50s and that’s enough for me.

When I was packing my bag for class today, I found that Betty Ford had put his mousie in there to replace my gym headband (no matter where I hide them, he always finds one and drags it all around the house). Genius kitty! I had this tangerine at 4:30 right before Step.


I always have to leave Step early on Tuesdays, but I got a decent 40 minutes in today.

Total time: 39:34 minutes

Maximum heart rate: 184 (92%)

Average heart rate: 151 (76%)

Calories burned: 357

I got home at 7, and aside from  my brunch oatmeal and that tangerine, I hadn’t eaten anything and I was so hungry!  I whipped up a quick dinner: tuna salad cabbage wraps!


  • 1 5 oz. can tuna
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 1 T mustard
  • cherry tomatoes

This was definitely a winner and I will be making it again soon! The cabbage held together quite nicely and I didn’t end up smelling like fish at all (to Betty’s dismay).

I had some bulgur to round out the meal:


And washed it down beautifully with some POM/club soda.  Don’t mind the clutter in the background… I’m a student, not a housekeeper!


A little later I made my now go-to CFW dessert: yogurt (100-cal Old Home Pomegranate Pear) with fruit (navel orange), walnuts and almond butter.


Crap-Free Week Day 3- Recap:

Today’s oversleeping messed up my whole day, food and energy wise.  Since I ate “breakfast” at noon, I never really had a formal lunch.  I should have brought a heartier snack than a piece of fruit, but I learned. I’ve felt like a zombie almost all day and almost convinced myself not to go to Step Aerobics because I was too tired, but as usual it woke me up and I felt a lot better.  I can’t blame CFW on being hungry or tired, though… just my fault for sleeping too late!

It’s only 9 o’clock, but I’m in my jammies and am about to get into bed and do some reading and maybe even sleep early, if I dare.  Have a lovely night!


8 responses to “You Can Stand Under My Um-b-rella

  1. Sooo much rain here too 😦


  2. I hope the cold weather doesn’t stick around too long!

    Cats are so funny!

  3. blech! i am so over the snow! hope it gets warm where you are soon!!

  4. I hope the weather is nice for you when you get to NY!

  5. Oh Rhianna. I’m so sad about that situation. Like I know them, geesh.

  6. Boo to the weather 😦 It’s no fun!

    I love your cabbage wraps! They look mighty fiiiine!

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