Greek, Indian & Japanese

Happy Friday night!  It’s only 11 here (10 Minnesota time) but I am in my PJs and ready for bed. I am wiped! 6:30 AM flights are not fun, let me tell you.  I’d planned on saving some (a lot) of cash- money by taking the air train from the airport into Manhattan, but my bag felt like it was literally breaking my back and I decided to take a cab… I just won’t eat for the next month or so.  Riiight.

When I got to the apartment, I had a small bowl of Mueslix with skim milk.


Charley kept me company while I passed out in bed for a good three hours.  He’s a very good bed buddy.


For lunch, I had a vegetable paratha– Indian flatbread made with whole wheat flour, spices and vegetables.


Using these two chutneys…


I took my dad’s suggestion and topped the paratha with Greek yogurt, chutney and a Pink lady apple.


HOLY freaking YUM! When the bread was all used up, I mixed the extra apple with chutney (that’s fresh-made below) into the rest of the yogurt.  I have to do this more often.  The best combination was a little mango and a lot of tamarind. So good.


For dessert I had frozen Thin Mints! I love Girl Scout season.


My parents and I met for dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant.  My mom and I got there first and split some hot sake.


We also got some edamame… leaving some for my dad was a bit of a struggle.


I started with miso soup


And though I tried to break from my ways, I ended up ordering my usual bento box with salad, tempura, a California roll and tuna/salmon sashimi.  It’s my comfort food, what can I say?


We made a pit stop on the way home for some Edy’s Slow Churned Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (which now costs EIGHT DOLLARS. $8!) and topped it with Stonewall Kitchen’s Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce and pecans. Divine.  My mom and I were just saying that Stonewall Kitchen can do no wrong… everything they turn out is perfect!


We all fell asleep watching Masterpiece Theater (yes, yes, shush) so I’m going to bed before I perk up again.  Hope you’re having a great start to the weekend!


7 responses to “Greek, Indian & Japanese

  1. Wow! $8 for ice cream? That is so crazy.

    I hope you have a fabulous break!

  2. Frozen thin mints are the best! Happy weekend!


    Aww, Charley 🙂

  4. Your ice cream sundae looks amazing! Mmmmmm

  5. Oh, and a cake-date is in order!

  6. Frozen thin mints – the ONLY way to enjoy the little scouts!! I have no comment on your lunch because I just amazed by it – delish!

    Thanks for the heads up on that author! I’ve never heard of him but I’m definitely interested!!

  7. i’m glad you’re home!

    i go through the same travel dilemma getting from the airport to my house at school—it’s $45+ for a cab but only $1.70 to take the subway, but it’s soooooo much work (switching lines and walking 20 minutes back to my house) that i usually just drop the cash. it sucks but my back is thankful.

    stonewell kitchen really can do no wrong–i’ve been to their store before and they have a billion samples out. it;s like heaven.

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