New York Happenings

Hi there! Today was a completely perfect day. I spent the daylight hours walking around Chelsea with my parents looking at the galleries (my favorite piece was a broomstick with birds sculpted into the bristles and a light focused on them to give the illusion of flight).  We were planning on waiting until we got down there to eat, but Le Pain Quotidien looked so appetizing that we made a little lunch pit-stop.


Doesn’t my mama look happy with her Curried Chicken Salad?


I got something new and different: Ricotta tartines with mission figs and acacia honey. Oh my LORDY these were good.  Must re-create at home!


We split an Organic Green Tea & Pistachio “Kiss” Tea Cake, which our waiter strongly warned us about (because its vegan and sugar-free), but it was delicious! There was a very strong ginger flavor and while the taste was definitely unusual, it was really quite palatable.


LPQ is one of the restaurants that, because it’s a chain, has started posting the calories for all it’s items.  I’m a fan of this move, my mother is not (she thinks it takes all the fun out of dining). Anywho, in case you’re curious, the tartines were 390 and the tea cake was 160 (divided by two… woohoo!).

After walking around the galleries for a couple hours, my parents and I stopped at La Bergamote for treats.  It’s a classic French pastry café (or patisserie) and took all of us back to a little place (n’importe ou) in Paris.

I was feeling nostalgic (I could do my “a year ago today…” spiel, but I think you’re probably getting bored with that) so I ordered a bergamot macaroon and a lychee gum candy.


And some verveine (lemon verbena) tea:


I also greedily sampled my parents’ eats, including (but not limited to) this bowl of chocolat chaud my dad got which was pure heaven on earth.


After dessert, I met my beautiful little red-headed friend for dinner at Josie’s (it’s the logical order, don’t ya think?).


We split a bottle of 2006 Gewurztraminer from Alsace, France.


We couldn’t decide which bread we wanted so we asked the waiter if we could split all three… so he gave us each three pieces! (Josie’s staff is great, and we had the same waitress we had for the blogger meet-up… she remembered our platter of salad dressings!)  I had some of all. I’ve really got to make some of that sweet potato carrot dip…


I ordered the Seared Asian Tofu Stir-Fry:  wok sautéed Chinese string beans, broccoli florets, zucchini, cremini mushrooms, bell peppers, baby bok choy & Asian greens with organic tamari brown rice.


It was so good.  It was very light, but I was pretty full halfway through! I probably ate about 3/4.  I would have brought the rest home, but I was going out, which would have made for purse-mess which I’ve had to deal with one too many times.  Thanks but no thanks!

We went to Jacques Torres for dessert.  Although I’m normally a chocolate chip kind of girl, I was really in the mood for a brownie type thing so I had the Mudslide cookie: chocolate on chocolate with walnuts. Heaven!


Kalle had the Chocolate Chip and let me have a bite.  Obviously amazing, but if I’m in the neighborhood and in the market for a big cookie (and if it were open) I’d go to Levain. Can’t beat ’em.

We went to the Blue Donkey for $2 Miller High Life (and some St. Patty’s day beads) because we are just as classy as they come.  I don’t think you need a picture of those… I’m sure you’ve seen High Life before and can let us bask in our shame in peace.

I went over to my friend’s house to celebrate her birthday (the big 2-2! We’re getting up there…). On the way home, as per high school (always either that, Sour Patch Kids or a McDonald’s milkshake… yep), I got  cinnamon raisin H & H bagel.


Now I know I’m going to get some backlash for being a snob, but all you non-New Yorkers have no idea what a bagel is.  There is no comparison between a frozen piece of round bread and a classic New York bagel. None!  Especially one from H&H, which is open 24 hours and almost always warm. Pure heaven. You can see why I always have to have one when I wake home in the wee hours… I did manage to make it last about 10 blocks, though.  I’ll get off my soap box now.

Time to pop an advil and get some sleep.  Hope you’ve had a lovely Saturday!


10 responses to “New York Happenings

  1. mmmm, josie’s!

    you, nicole, caroline, and i should all reunite for dinner again sometime!

  2. Lovely day, indeed!! And I’m glad that the waiter’s warning about the tea cake was wrong, haha 😀

  3. mMMM, I’m a CT-er, but I know the BEAUTY of H & H bagels—amazing!!! glad it was a good day!

  4. EEK! Levain is RIGHT across the street from me! I could have spit on you!

  5. No backlash from me – I’m JEALOUS that I’ve never had a bona fide NY bagel!

    You can take the girl out of Europe but you can’t take Europe out of the girl!!

  6. I agree about the bagels. However, and I am not a NJ lover at all, but the bagels are excellent here as well.

    Josies and ricotta tartines are too much for me right now! I neeeeeed.

  7. hi, hi!
    Kerfir does taste like yogurt…a little runnier, I’d say. I’ve heard it’s a great smoothie base.

    Sorry about your injury, too. You’re right…definitely no fun! I have just decided I can’t really run hills too much anymore. But hopefully I’ll be back outside and off the dreadmill soon!

  8. ha! oh KL! i think you are having too much fun. or eating too much great food. no, that’s not possible. but seriously….

  9. looks like a great time was had by all 🙂

    The rents are just too cute! haha

  10. that tofu asian stir fry looks really, really, really, really good!!!!

    and yes, your parents are so cute always modeling their food! haha!

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